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AEW World Championship Kenny Omega tweeted a photo of her cheerful confrontation with Xavier Woods on WWE’s New Day and announced her co-star on the internet.

OMEGA said: Somehow. “Omega and Woods have united to unveil the top 10 video games of 2020 Giant bomb.. Below is an excerpt from the two joking about life during a pandemic and their ring skills.

Xavier: Incredible. So on another more important subject … your test was good, right?

Kenny: All negative and self-isolated wazoo

Xavier: So you don’t have to skip this year!

Kenny: Oh, this is a never-ending song, Creed.

Xavier: And that continues with me … uh. Do not worry. Hey you! Became a world champion!

Kenny: * Stand his Duke * What is your angle here, Creed? !!

Xavier: There is no angle, just you know … sayin’.

Kenny: Ah … in that case … congratulations … hmm … G4 gig?

Xavier: Why thank you, Sir. Congratulations on your RedCon deal.

Kenny: Now, congratulations on that cool Gears of War collaboration. Oh, and congratulations on your successful return to the ring! And-

Xavier: Oops … this is a weird man.

Kenny: Yeah, I can’t see anything here … Kosher?

Xavier: Yeah, whenever I look at your face, it seems like a tiny hint of respect, mixed with a lot of hatred, considering you’re one of the best inling performers ever. I … don’t you feel it now?

Kenny: OK hey! I thought I was the only one! But yeah, you’re right. It feels warm and tingling, given the fact that my cheeks usually turn a little red and no one is doing better than you for what you like. But then I remember that I wouldn’t be touched in the ring and would probably be your son’s hero, so that great responsibility is imminent in my head.

Xavier: correct? I usually wish you unhappiness, like waking up one morning and hoping to use glue stick instead of chap stick, but not today.

Kenny: exactly! The other day you think it looks like what I drew with my left hand. And just say it felt like someone’s hand!

Kenny Omega is currently at the top of the world in professional wrestling, winning the world title over John Moxley in 2020 and reuniting with Brett Club friends Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and Good Brothers. The service is provided by Don Callis. As his manager. Xavier Woods once again won the title of the long World Tag Team on New Day 2020.

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Kenny Omega faces big WWE name in photo Kenny Omega faces big WWE name in photo

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