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“Trilogy” is back with revenge Cage Warriors Fighting Championship..

The· CW 120 The main event saw a promotional debut Bellator MMA veteran Kent Kauppinene (13-6), who undertook Jamie Richardson (9-7) Middleweight. Kaupinen kicked his opponent’s foot inward and outward, but did not appear to have influenced Richardson early on. “Young Gun” responded in a sophisticated combination until he shot in with the remaining seconds of the round and recorded a takedown. Kaupinen quickly recovered, but had little time to take action before the horn rang.

Richardson celebrated some success with his hands early in the second round, clipping Kaupinen several times in short combinations. “Young Gun” also frustrated opponents by mixing effective takedowns later in the round. In the final stanza, Kaupinen dropped Richardson with a few seconds of punch left. Kaupinen invited his opponent to stand up, hoping to end the fight. Richardson accepted the invitation, but chose to shoot in skillfully to secure a takedown and finished the round at the top. Kaupinen won the unanimous decision as all three scorecards scored 29-28.

At the joint main event Paul Hughes
(7-1) Became the first defeated man James Hendin (5-1) In their featherweight case. Hughes gave a sophisticated impression when he knocked down Hendin at the opening stanza. Due to frustration and urge, “The Honeybadger” landed his low knees and stopped acting for a while. Hughes recovered from the shot, but in the next round he put another knee under the belt. Hendin did some damage to his leg when the action was finally resumed, so it was arguably the most successful round.

Round 3 saw a more elusive Hughes when he missed his opponent. And when he made a mistake, he repaid Hendin in some combination of himself. After the Fight Academy Ireland national team blocked all of his opponent’s takedowns, he dragged “The Honeybadger” onto the mat. From there, he took Hendin’s back and tried to rear-naked choke, but with no success. After Hughes rescued with chalk, he hit his opponent with the ground and pounds until the time was up. Eventually, all three judges recorded 29-28 battles in favor of Australian-born fighters, allowing Hughes to continue pursuing his championship dreams.

Elsewhere Christian Leroy Duncan (3-0) Locked horn Curry
(5-1) Middleweight. After the first round near, Duncan nailed Curry with a flying knee that rocked him at the beginning of Round 2. Referee Daniel Mobahedi hurriedly stopped the fight in 18 seconds in Round 2 before “Drago” completed it.

Kieran Lister (7-1-2) and Declan McCullinan (7-3-1) Fought a draw in an encounter of £ 155. Lister relied on his wrestling skills, McCullinan retaliated with punches and kicks, and fighters relentlessly moved back and forth. Judges really split when Judge David Resabbie got a draw with 29-28 Lister, John Hand 28-29 McCullinan, and Ben Cartridge 28-28.

In lightweight collisions Michal Figlak (5-0) Stop Stephen Hooper (5-4) At the end of the second round, “Mad Dog” put his elbow on the first frame and cut open a cut on the left side of Hooper’s head. Hooper continued to bleed as the battle intensified while he continued to fight. Referee Rich Mitchell officially stopped the fight at 5 o’clock in the second round after doctors carefully examined Hooper and advised him not to proceed further in the contest.

Connor Hinette (9-6) Crushing Lee Mitchell (3-3) The second stanza of the 125-pound collision. Mitchell spent his moment in the opening round, catching his opponent’s back and securing a rear-naked choke. Hinette shrugged his opponent’s attack and configured himself to survive the round. In the middle of the second round, Hignette won a combination of two punches that rocked Mitchell and continued a series of punches with a strong knee at 3:03 to force the referee’s intervention.

Manny Akpan (3-0) Stopped so as not to damage his record Ben Ellis
(3-1) Featherweight opening stanza. After joking for the clinch’s position with respect to the fence, Akpan unleashed his unorthodox, flashy and striking weapons, including a spinning kick and wild loop shots. One Akpan hay shop clocked Ellis, and Akpan immediately closed the door with a punch barrage. The official end came at 4:22 in the opening stanza.

In the welterweight division, Mateus Figrak (5-1) There was no problem in taking care Josh Plant
(2-4). Figrak took full advantage of his longer reach to keep the plant away before landing a “power” -blocking blitz punch on the liver. The referee intervened to save the plant from unnecessary damage at the 2:36 mark in the first round.

In the first battle of the card Matthew Elliott (1-0) Outpoint Scott Pedersen (0-1) Featherweight. Wrestling was the key to Elliott’s success. The representatives of Fight Academy Ireland have accepted all three rounds of grind. Elliott wiped out the scorecard with a trio of 29-28 tally from the judges.

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Kent Kauppinen beats Jamie Richardson in CW120 main event Kent Kauppinen beats Jamie Richardson in CW120 main event

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