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Kenworth Legend SAR Prompts Order Electric Shock

A glimpse into Kenworth’s latest products has done enough to stimulate the appetite of operators across Australia.

Although it may have been unveiled for only a few days at the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show and may have been subject to a short order period lasting only one day last week, its response to the 2021 Kenworth Legend SAR is probably the most optimistic. Even typical PACCAR enthusiasts were a little surprised to hear that more than 700 confirmed orders were placed for the festive model.

If nothing else, it underscores the current strength of the Australian heavy-duty truck market.

Following the remarkable reaction to Legend 950 in 2015 and Legend 900 in 2017, the timing of Legend SAR’s debut coincides with Kenworth, who has celebrated 50 years of manufacturing trucks in Australia.

The 50th Anniversary Edition Legend SAR is modeled after the iconic W900SAR and was manufactured and sold in Australia from 1975 to 1985. This is the first Kenworth model designed, designed and manufactured specifically for Australian operational requirements in Australia.

More than 45 years have passed since the first production started, and other SAR models continue, but the charm of the original “SAR” still remains, and the Legend SAR, which is the third in a series of legends, It will rekindle with the release.

“This truck not only commemorates the 50th anniversary of the proud manufacture of Kenworth trucks in Australia, but is also a turning point in local design and engineering, symbolizing Kenworth’s still-famous custom-build philosophy. “We do,” said Brad May, sales director. Marketing at PACCA Australia.

The Legend SAR includes a complete suite of heritage-style limited edition features, including a split-flat windscreen B-series cab that provides additional headroom and seat travel, and a Cummins X15 engine specially painted in beige to commemorate. Includes numerous exclusive trim details ranging from Cummins heritage.

The interior of the Legend SAR is luxurious, with diamond pleated trim with embossed “Legend SAR 50th Anniversary Edition” on the back wall and door trim, and a glove box to identify the unique build number of each truck. It features a wooden plaque on the lid.

Kenworth Legend SAR Prompts Order Electric Shock Kenworth Legend SAR Prompts Order Electric Shock

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