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Last collision Indian Super LeagueOn Matchday 8, 9th place Kerala Blasterz played against Hyderabad FC. Hyderabad FC was one above the table, but there was a 6 point difference. The Kib Vicuna team was still aiming for their first win of the season, but Nizamus was looking to return to victory after seeing the end of his last undefeated run.

An interesting battle was set up in succession, and this is what we made with it:


The Kerala Blasters got off to a good start, but Hyderabad thought he should be penalized in the first 15 minutes when Nishu Kumar pushed Aridane into the box as the Spanish forward seemed to be aiming for the cross. However, the referee did not see anything wrong.

In the 29th minute Abdul Neddyodas attacked the corner, slamming the header home and scoring at the first start of the season. However, there was no controversy in the goal as the replay showed that the ball had left the Kerala Blasters player before the referee gave the corner.

At the last moment of the first half, Ashish Lai kicked the right side and squared the ball in front of Aridane’s goal. Aridane looked like a simple tap-in, but somehow couldn’t hit the target.

In the 5th minute of the second half, Sahar Abdul Samad controlled the long pass and slipped the ball into Jessel Carneiro on the left side of the box, but Fullback chose to hit the ball first and eventually missed his shot. I made it. A minute later, Saharu was in a similar position, but he missed the opportunity.

In the 58th minute, Rahul KP flew from the edge of the box and appeared to hit the bottom corner, but Subrata Pal quickly collapsed and was sure to.

Hyderabad FC were close to tying when Harichalan Narzaly cut in from the left side in the 80th minute, but missed the top corner. Seven minutes later, Francisco Sandaza passed on the right, but his finish was well preserved by albino Gomez.

However, at the other end shortly thereafter, the ball bounced off Adil Khan and broke for Jordan Murray, who took the opportunity to seize the opportunity.

This sealed the three points of the Kerala Blasters that looked great with this 2-0 victory.

Kerala Blasters

Important issues

Surprisingly strong victory

Kib Vicuna made five changes to the starting lineup tonight as Costa Nhamoinesu’s Gary Hooper completely missed the Matchday team, but Spanish tacticians will win the ISL for the first time after a powerful display. The new look aspect worked very well because it helped.

The centerback pairing worked well as Sandeep Singh and Abdul Nediyodath started together in the center of the defense for the first time and managed to keep the Hyderabad FC attack quiet in most matches. The midfield pairing of Vicente Gomez and Jexon Sounaojan also seemed to be solid, but the Rafuru KP had a good wing and Sahar Abdul Samad didn’t look shabby either.

All of these strong personal performances contributed to solid team performance, as the Kerala Blasters look very good from the start and deserve a lead in the first half. They had many great opportunities to double their leads early in the second period, but some poor work in the box by Jordan Murray and substandard finishes from others, they Is the scoreline. However, Murray seized the opportunity in the second half, and the Taskers finally scored three points comfortably.

This is a surprisingly solid performance of the Kerala Blasters and may be the beginning of something good for them.

Player evaluation

Albino Gomez (7.5), Niš Kumar (6), Sandeep Singh (6.5), Abdul Nedijodas (7.5), Jessel Carneiro (6.5), Jeakson Thounaojam (((8 *), Vicente Gómez (7.5), Rahul KP (7.5), Facundo Pereyra (7.5), Sahal Abdul Samad (6), Jordan Murray (7.5)

submarine: Rohit Kumar (N / A), Prasanth Karuthadathkuni (N / A)

Hyderabad FC

Important issues

After losing the season’s first match against Mumbai City, Hyderabad FC couldn’t bounce back tonight following another disappointing match.

The Kerala Lovers kept the new look of the center back pairing, but what looked much more Shakia was the Hyderabad FC defender. They had some decent chances in the first half, including a cry of penalties, but for most of the time they were defending themselves. Still, given the fact that there must have been a goal kick before that, it must have been difficult to digest the goal.

But in the overall balance of things, Nizam deserved admission. Their normally bright young Indian delegation did not look good tonight, especially as Liston Koraco, Hitesh Sharma, Mohammad Yasir and Ashish Rai were particularly disappointed. Aridane wasn’t at the top of the game because she missed a few big chances, but Chinren Sanashin didn’t look as solid as in the past few weeks.

The second half of Hyderabad FC wasn’t much different from the first half. I missed a chance and lost a goal. After two out of every two defeats, they are definitely on their way to victory soon.

Player evaluation

Subrata Pal (5.5), Asish Rai (5), Odei Onaindia (6), Chinglensana Singh (5.5), Akash Mishra (6.5), Hitesh Sharma (5), João Victor (7.5 *), Liston Koraco (5), Mohammad Yasir (5.5), Haricharan Narzary (6), Aridan Santana (5.5)

submarine: L’Arte Maiaralte (5), Svicchakrabarti (5), Francisco Sandaza (5.5), Adil Khan (N / A)

What this means:

The Kerala Brastas have remained in 9th place after their first win of the season and their first ISL victory since mid-February, but the gap with 8th place Hyderabad FC has dropped to just 3 points. Abdul Neddyyodas scored the first goal of the season on the first start, and Jordan Murray scored the second goal to seal the Taskers victory.

The Kerala Brastas will then face Mumbai City in the first ISL match of 2021 on January 2, and Hyderabad FC will face FC Goa in the final ISL fixture of 2020 on December 30.

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Kerala Brastas 2-0 Hyderabad FC: Reports, ratings and reactions when his team wins their first victory in Kibbicuna’s Surprise Selection Kerala Brastas 2-0 Hyderabad FC: Reports, ratings and reactions when his team wins their first victory in Kibbicuna’s Surprise Selection

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