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Frisco, Texas-with Keren Moore Andy dalton We first shared a soccer field in 2008.For the past 7 months they have Dallas Cowboys.. And since October, they have shared responsibilities as quarterbacks with aggressive coordinators.

Now, in some respects, they have a shared future.

Moore is a candidate head coach for his alma mater, Boise State University, and his contract with Dallas will expire after this season, so there may be other opportunities. Dalton who went to TCU Have a chance to earn a million dollars From if you win the Cowboys on Sunday New York Giants (Eastern Standard Time 1:00 pm, Fox) will lead to a playoff spot and will be able to make more money as a starter for another NFL team in 2021.

Moore’s future can be determined in days or weeks, depending on the speed and slowness of the process and whether you want to be college football rather than professional football. Dalton’s future will not unfold until March. NFL free agent to start.

But how the Cowboys ended the season was an enhancement to their resume, with particular consideration for both coordinators and quarterbacks. Last week’s home win Against Philadelphia Eagles..

The Cowboys launched a total of 513 yards of attacks on Philadelphia, surpassing 500 yards for the fourth time this season and tying the most in 1978, 1966 and 2019 attacks in team history. (By the way, Moore was also the coordinator of Dallas in 2019.)

Dallas also made three pass sprays over 50 yards. This is most often due to the NFL team this season.

Dalton threw 377 yards. This is the fifth most he had in the game. He recorded the 26th 3rd touchdown game in his 10-year career. 12.6 yards per his attempt was the second highest total in the game in his career.

Aggressive production has come at a good time for the Cowboys playoffs hope, but there was also the fact that Moore and Dalton are working together.

“Keren and Andy did a really good job of being on the same page,” said Dallas coach Mike McCarthy. “You can bring it into Keren’s playcall. It’s just the fact that he got used to all the changes and had to manage the various matches that took place weekly and weekly. They worked really well. I was there, now Mizo. “

In 2008, Boise State University and TCU were about to enter the heavyweight division of college football, as dogs scratch the back door. Uninvited guests met at the Poinsettia Bowl, and TCU finished the undefeated season at Boise State University. 17-16.. A year later, both schools played in the Fiesta Bowl, with Moore’s Broncos defeating Dalton’s Hornfrog. 17-10Passing that only loss to TCU, finishing undefeated.

Moore and Dalton still recall those games.

“TCU has always been a fight. They were good. Andy obviously did a tremendous job there,” Moore said. “It’s fun to talk. It’s crazy for me to be more than 10 years ago, basically 10 years ago. Things are going fast.”

Moore is not 32 years old.

“I’m only a year older,” said Dalton, 33. “But it was a lot of fun. We can talk about many things we have experienced, from college to the NFL. We are on the same timeline of our careers. Obviously. He’s coaching. The world right now, and I’m still playing. It was fun to work with a guy of my age or a little younger. “

The NFL has a strange relationship with the calendar. As a coach, Moore leans towards the younger side. As a player, Dalton is nearing the end of his career. But with his recent series of victories and improved play, one may wonder if the team has enough good years left to win with him, or at least help coach young quarterbacks. Hmm.

The Cowboys want Dalton to come back, but as a backup Dak PrescottIf he and the team are unable to reach an agreement on a long-term contract, they are considering another franchise tag.

“There’s a lot to decide in the future, which isn’t my focus right now,” Dalton said. “… I’m trying to do everything I can to help this team win. I’ll see what happens in the future. I’m enjoying my time here. In Dallas I love being there, but there are still more things happen in the off-season. “

Moore’s attack went awry after losing Prescott in an injury to his right ankle. In the first four games without Prescott, the Cowboys recorded two touchdowns and lost four games when they started three different quarterbacks in Dalton. Ben Dinucci And Garrett Gilbert..

Moore also had to deal with ad hoc attack lines for almost the entire season due to injuries. However, in the last three games, the Cowboys attack contributed 94 of the Cowboys’ 108 points.

Moore said he was most proud of how crimes continue to be accepted.

“Sometimes you may have to play the game differently than you want, but I think everyone came with the right approach,” Moore said. “Whatever your weekly game plan, whatever we feel gives us the best opportunity, go all-in and aim for it …. in the last few weeks, really, once, clearly. I found something. As continuity began to develop, I certainly got a little ability to start building some things. I think we’re in a good place right now. “

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Keren Moore and Andy Dalton Conclude Cowboys Season with Resume-NFL Nation Keren Moore and Andy Dalton Conclude Cowboys Season with Resume-NFL Nation

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