Kevin Durant still assumes that Kyrie Irving is “a part” of the Nets, despite the uncertainties. – NBA Sports

Kevin Durant Said he was still imagining Kyrie Irving Be part of Netz In pursuit of the championship, he also admits that if he can’t play home games in Brooklyn, “it’s hard to duplicate what he brought.”

Irving missed two consecutive days of practice in Brooklyn because the New York City COVID-19 protocol allows only players who have been vaccinated at least once to practice and play. Durant says Nets “is eager to be a team as a whole” as uncertainties grow daily over the status of all-star guard vaccinations and whether Nets can practice and play at home. However, it also respects Irving’s personal decisions.

“I imagine Killy being part of our team,” Starforward said after Wednesday’s practice, if the guards weren’t on the team for a long time, a talented net would cover Irving. I told reporters when asked if it was enough. “Maybe I’m naive, but that’s my feeling. But in our group, everyone here says that if we keep building, we can do something special. I think I’m confident. “

Sources told ESPN’s Adrian Voinaroski and Brian Windhorst Nets remains uncertain about Irving’s intention to be vaccinated, and the organization has not decided whether to accept him as a part-time player this season. There has long been optimism that Irving has been vaccinated and will meet local government orders allowing him to practice and play in New York this season. However, sources said there was little hope for Voinaroski and Windhorst. With continued resistance to Irving’s vaccination, Nets is preparing for the possibility that he will be gone for a foreseeable future home practice or match.

Steve Nash’s head coach was asked about Netz’s previous optimism about whether the city’s vaccination obligations would be an issue by the beginning of the season and whether everyone would be well by then. ..

“I don’t know, I can’t answer,” Nash told reporters. “Currently, it’s not. So let’s see what happens. I don’t want to guess what’s in the air right now.”

Durant has revealed that Irving is essential to what Nets wants to achieve this season. But he also wanted to give him point guard space about what Irving wanted to do with respect to getting at least one vaccination shot.

“He’s dealing with personal things right now,” Durant said. “And while he’s dealing with it, we’ll continue to work focused on us here at the gym. When they’re ready to understand it, he’ll understand it.

“He’s a special player, so it’s going to be difficult to duplicate what he brought,” Durant added. “But professional sports are about the next man’s mindset, so we look forward to men stepping up and playing that role as much as possible.”

Irving practiced with Nets at a training camp in San Diego last week. Nets is currently home to play Milwaukee on Friday. They will play in Philadelphia on Monday, ending the preseason with another home game with Minnesota.

After Nets kicked off his regular season in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, he’s been at home for nearly two weeks on a six-game home stand.

“I want him to be part of this group,” Durant said. “He’s a special player. We want him to be part of this group. But many things are out of our control so let him understand it for himself. I Doesn’t mean he doesn’t. I want him to join the team. He’s a big part of our job, but the guys step up in his absence and who they are I had to think about it and move forward. “

Durant also said he would like to avoid being involved in Irving’s decision.

“I’m not really trying to get involved in it,” he said. “It’s much bigger than myself and each of us. This is a man’s personal decision about his well-being, so I sit down and observe and see what’s going on here. I had to come to and practice every day and work hard on all the people in charge. “

“No, I don’t go out to give such advice,” Durant added, speaking to Irving. “This is his decision, it’s his choice, we all respect it, this is much bigger than the hoop. I’m not even comfortable talking to him about this. My job as one of the leaders of the team, and when things are understood, I hope they will be trusted and understood. “

– NBA Sports

Kevin Durant still assumes that Kyrie Irving is “a part” of the Nets, despite the uncertainties. Kevin Durant still assumes that Kyrie Irving is “a part” of the Nets, despite the uncertainties.

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