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Derek Brunson wanted his next opponent to have a lot of hype, just like his recent opponent at Edmen Shahbazian. The young Shabazian rushed into the stardom and was ready to become the next big-name middleweight, giving him the opportunity to prove himself to a classic like Branson at his first main event at UFC Vegas 5. Given.

Branson was able to temporarily stop Shahbazian’s momentum. Ends in 3rd round Of the fight against strikes. Now Branson is trying to do the same again for yet another up-and-coming young star from Kevin Holland.

The Netherlands achieved five consecutive victories in 2020, four of which were knocked out.After those performances, he realized he was a hot topic in the town and was recently revealed to be one of UFC’s presidents, Dana White. A fighter to watch in 2021.. This was good for Branson, who wanted exactly this type of opponent for the next fight — and he got it.

Last week Branson and the Netherlands Heading Fight night card scheduled for the end of March.In his recent appearance, Branson talked about why he accepted the fight against the Netherlands and how it is going. Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast..

“I’ve tried many options, but it seems that Kevin Holland is the only one I’m paying attention to right now,” Branson said. “I don’t want to fight everyone’s way or their ideal and toughest fight. I want to fight those who are winning streak, those who have a lot of hype. I want someone on the topic that the UFC cares about.”

Branson had previously called for a number of top names in the division, including Robert Whittaker, Darentil and Paulo Costa, but none of these battles came true. So Branson moved on to the next option in the Netherlands. He has traveled back and forth on social media many times over potential battles.

When the battle was officially held, Branson began his preparations by seeing some of the battles in the Netherlands. He admits to giving credit when the deadline comes, but there was something about the final battle with Ronaldo “Jakare” Souza. Knockout of the first round — It looked off.

“Now I feel like I’m really in my prime, so I’ve seen some of his fights and taken in the good and the bad,” Branson said. “I said,’He’s a really nice guy here. He’s not very good here. He’s average here.” I saw the final fight with everything and I had to throw it away did not. It’s a fight to throw away with Jakea. No one is knocked out from the back. Jacare fell asleep. He took him down and relaxed, especially such a man. Imagine someone who has a BJJ as good as him, and slacken that way instead of that — BJJ is about putting pressure on a person. It was very strange. I threw it away. It doesn’t count to me. “

After doing a tape study in the Netherlands, Branson is confident he can stop this breakout fighter. Wherever the battle goes, Branson believes he has an advantage. That’s why he’s gone victorious that night.

“I see it in the Netherlands. I can’t really find a place where he’s better than me. His aerobic exercise isn’t better than mine. His wrestling is me Not better than mine. His blow is not better than mine. His BJJ is not better than mine. So he is the man calling me. He has beaten me in the last three fights. calling.”

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Kevin Holland’s Derek Brunson: “There is no place where he is better than me.” Kevin Holland’s Derek Brunson: “There is no place where he is better than me.”

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