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Kevin Nash, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, was a guest 83-week podcast Here he revealed that he had discussed with the Undertaker about gimmick changes and participation in WCW in the mid-’90s. Nash also talked with Shawn Michaels about his interest in coming to WCW, saying it was interrupted because HBK was at the top of WWF’s cards.

“that is [Michaels] Having won that top spot, I thought he would be competing for that top spot, “Nash said. “The taker was what I was trying to get. I didn’t say [he would’ve come], I just told him, I said’Man, you need to change your gimmick. As long as I stayed in the Undertaker gimmick, I didn’t get any bargaining power. “

“I’m not saying that it turned him into American Badas, but American Badas is just saying that you can take him wherever you want. Suddenly, they give them money. Had to pay [WWE] They had to pay them because they wanted to keep them. “

Former Diesel talked about the idea of ​​Michaels coming to WCW and said he knew Michaels was in a dark time but didn’t expect him to come to the company.

“I remember you once [Eric Bischoff] Say something to us, you really respected the fact that we left [WWE]”Nash said. “It’s hard to leave, as it’s so easy to stay, especially because you’re in the top spot and you’re leaving.

“When we left [Shawn Michaels] Watching the show, he was able to see us having fun. At that point, he was in a bad place, he was spending some dark time. He always got what he wanted. It was a championship, but suddenly the company couldn’t compete with what we were doing. When you are a champion, suddenly it becomes a situation like that, you just can’t draw, you don’t. His match was so great that he has no way of leaving it alone.

“If I saw a wrestling publication in 1996, I was the worst champion in history, the worst wrestler in history, and the worst. Then you went 25 years ago and I was inducted into the Hall of Fame twice. Did. History changes everything, it’s like, oh now I’m not perfect shit? I’m half shit. “

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Kevin Nash reveals he wanted an undertaker at WCW Kevin Nash reveals he wanted an undertaker at WCW

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