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AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes described how happy he is with the next edition of AEW’s flagship show, Dynamite, including a tag match with Shaq. Wrestling-edge transcribed interactions. During that event, Rhodes is also set to take on the NBA Icon Shakir in a tag match featuring Red Velvet and Jade Cargill. This top wrestling star recently took a shot at Kevin Nash & Scott Hall.

Rhodes posted: “Thank you for chatting @ nypost – March 3rd, excited and very special edition of @ AllEliteWrestlingDynamite.”

A fan named prowrestlingpics asked the simple question “why why why?”. This drew attention to Kevin Nash, an icon of professional wrestling and inducted into the Hall of Fame. Kevin Nash replied with the following facts and logic to fully unravel the account. .. It’s a bunch of pretty marks. You are watching free tv Shut him up and watch over him. ”

A user named LoudKingCrow responded in large numbers to the burns of SquaredCircle subreddit, writing: You don’t have to deal specially with me or you for all of the show, or general wrestling about it. All of the most annoying and toxic elements of fandom, including people like Cornette and similar highly-spoken public figures in the industry. Share that element. They all believe that at some level the entire industry needs to meet their particular tastes. If not, it’s a trash backstreet mad show, or what they call it. ” Kevin Nash lamented the current situation of professional wrestling at the end of last year.

While FeatheringItBrother shouted, “I understand that people get frustrated when the celebrities involved are real nobody, but the last two are Bad Bunny, one of the world’s largest musicians. Shaq, one of the most popular and greatest NBA players to date and still on TV every night. Wrestling is part of pop culture and AEW is mainstream every Wednesday night. Broadcast on TV. Shaq looks at the product a lot and attracts a lot of non-fans out of curiosity. If you don’t want celebrity involvement and don’t want to wrestle straight, the Ring of You can see the honor. “

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Kevin Nash rips AEW’mark’ to fill Shaq Kevin Nash rips AEW’mark’ to fill Shaq

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