Kevin Smith’s cosmic master returns with the death of three major characters

The Masters of the Universe didn’t get the love they expected when Kevin Smith appeared on Netflix. His first new episode is about to divide the fans.

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Kevin Smith’s Space Master: Revelation Split the fan Heeman franchiseSome are enjoying their return to Eternia, while others feel a little fooled considering most of the first half of the season. He-Man and his nemesis skeletor “Dead”. So when the second half began, the question was whether the series would do anything dramatic to turn the denials around, but when the first season returns to Netflix, the series will play it safely. It was clear that it wasn’t.

As you can imagine, this article covers some of the major spoilers from the beginning.

The last time he stopped at Grayskull Castle, the skeleton dominated the power of Grayskull, transforming himself into a self-proclaimed “Skelgod,” and Prince Adam was seriously injured, making things worse for the Ethanian heroes. It is on the verge of death. When the new episode picked up the aftermath of these events, we were in the middle of the episode before Smith decided to kill three famous characters instead of one. The first character was the Grace Skull Wizard.

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Skelter, who helped Adam, Thira, Andorra, and Klinger escape the castle, dispatched a weakened sorceress relatively easily, taking Man at Arms hostage in the process. While still upset from this sequence of events, action moved to Adam. Adam was revealed to have her own power after being healed by Thira. But within minutes, both characters were blown up by Andorra and we became two other heroes as the skelter chased them and took over the souls of the classic returning characters Fist and Crump Champ. Become.

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One of the sure things is Smith isn’t pulling the punch In the series, and some of this will be fixed by the end of the new episode, but here’s nothing that fits perfectly with those who were dissatisfied in the first half of the season. In fact, the new episodes seem to have succeeded in further alienating these fans who were expecting each episode to start and end with the same status quo and soft reset as the children’s comics, as in the 80’s comics. .. The Simpsons – Located in the main.However, for others, it ’s a rolling story. Masters of the Universe The world is a welcome return and they are now looking forward to the second season.

Masters of the Universe This isn’t the only new take on properties that recently arrived on Netflix, like another franchise-based anime series that landed on the platform in September. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, A rethought CGI version of the He-Man story for a much younger audience. There are still a lot of live-action film whispers, and years later there are still lively concerns, but the question is whether new iterations will survive the nostalgia of the original 80’s series.

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Kevin Smith’s cosmic master returns with the death of three major characters

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