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The BBL season begins in just a few days, but it’s never too late to take part in KFC Super Coach BBL Action and win some great prizes. Here’s how to choose a team in 5 minutes.

Well, you haven’t been stressed about yourself for the past two months. KFC Super Coach A team like me?

That’s probably a good thing.

The best part is that we still have time to join the team before BBL11.

All you need is this handy guide and 5 minutes of time to join the KFC SuperCoach team and run to win some great prizes, including the precious Buggy Green Truckee.

Last season winner Chris Baker Being a beginner does not exclude you from running for a major prize of $ 25,000, as it was only his second season of KFC Super Coach BBL.

Perhaps more importantly, at least if you ask KFC Super Coach, you’ll get one of the buggy green tracks made famous by Shane Warne every round.

The winner of the round will receive $ 500 in addition to his baggy green trucky — doubled to $ 1000 if subscribed Super Coach Plus..

The best part is that it’s free to play and gives you the opportunity to prove that you know more about cricket than your peers.

What are you waiting for?


●● The salary cap is $ 2 million and you need to choose 16 players (7 bowlers, 7 batters, 2 wicketkeepers) on the KFC SuperCoach BBL team.

●● If a player is listed as BAT-BWL or WKP-BAT, they are eligible to choose in either position.

●● Each player receives a round score based on their actual performance. If you play twice in a round, the score will be the cumulative sum of both matches. This handy guide From Jock Reynolds Damo and Azza’s friends, there’s everything you need to know about the scoring system.

●● There are three trades to use during each round to prepare for the next round. Once the lockout is unlocked after the last game of each round, you can trade.

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Choose a 5-minute team

Start with the Sixers and Heat players. The key to KFC SuperCoach is to have as many players in the team as possible play twice in each round. The Sixers challenge Stars, Hurricanes and Round 1, and Heat faces Thunder and Scorchers. Next is the round 2 double striker.

The 10 most popular players of Sixers and Heat are:

1. Josh Philippe (Sixers) – 61%, $ 177,300 WKP-BAT

2. Chris Lynn (Heat) – 32%, $ 172,500 BAT

3. Dan Christian (Sixers) – 28%, $ 184,700 BAT-BWL

4. James Peirson (Heat) – 24%, $ 89,800 WKP-BAT

5. Tom Karan (Sixers) – 20.9%, $ 201,000 BAT-BWL

6. Daniel Hughes (Sixers) – 20.3%, $ 78,300 BAT

7. Matt Willans (Heat) – 19%, $ 42,000 BWL

8. Carlos Brasswaite (Sixers) – 17.9%, $ 117,300 BAT-BWL

9. Mujeeb ur Rahman (heat) – 17.6%, $ 208,200 BWL

10. Xavier Bartlett (heat) – 16.6%, $ 97,900 BWL

* Statistics as of November 30th.

Try squeezing one or two strikers to prepare for Round 2. The five most popular Adelaide players are:

1. Rashid Khan – 45% ($ 198,700 BWL)

2. Matthew Renshaw * – 41.5% $ 67,400 (BAT-BWL)

3. Spencer Johnson – 14.2% ($ 42,000 BWL)

4. Alex Carey * – 13.1% ($ 163,400 WKP-BAT)

5. Matthew Short – 11% ($ 62,500 BAT)

* However, do not select Renshaw or Carey. They will be on the Australian A team until around Round 3.

If you still have cash left (how?), Choose some premiums with high scores, regardless of double. The most popular premium scorers are:

Glen Maxwell (Star) – 55.6%, $ 195,500 BAT-BWL

Marcus Stoinis (Star) – 46.5%, $ 163,200 BAT-BWL

Mitch Marsh * (Scorchers) – 39%, $ 132,700 BAT-BWL

Darcy Short (Hurricane) – 36.7% $ 179,600 BAT-BWL

Daniel Sams (Thunder) – 28.6% $ 203,700 BAT-BWL

* Again, do not select Mitch Marsh. He leaves Australia A for the start of the BBL season.

Well, now you are really running out of money. That’s where cheap comes in. These players fill the bench and some spots on the field.

These are BBL11’s most popular cash cows:

Aaron Finch (Renegade) – 52.6%, $ 62,500 BAT

Josh Kann – 43.6%, $ 42,000 BAT-BWL

Matthew Renshaw * (Strikers) – 41.5%, $ 67,400 BAT-BWL

Cebu Gotch (Star) – 26.9%, $ 62,500 WKP-BAT

Daniel Hughes (Striker’s) – 20.3%, $ 78,300 BAT

Matt Willans (Heat) – 19%, $ 42,000 BWL

Matthew Gilquez (Thunder) – 16.6%, $ 62,500 WKP-BAT

Joel Paris (Hurricane) – 14.8%, $ 62,500 BWL

Spencer Johnson (Striker’s) – 14.2%, $ 42,000 BWL

Baxter Holt (Thunder) – 11.2%, $ 62,500 WKP-BAT

* If you missed it for the first time, please do not start Renshaw. He will not be featured until Round 3-4.

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Tip: BBL11 Predictive Round 1 Team

You now have a team of 16 players. Ready to challenge KFC Super Coach BBL Glory? Not quiet …

– check This Summer Calendar Guide and Ash / Australia Story From the phantom. If there are players who do not appear in Round 1, remove them.

– Choose a captain. You want a player in a double game round (when the team plays twice). In Round 1, Josh Philip, Musibul Rahman, Christian, and Dan Christian are optional. Don’t forget to nominate a deputy captain as well. If the captain does not play, the score will be doubled.

– Name the emergency. Unless you plan to watch the team news for all BBL11 matches, you don’t want to risk missing KFC Super Coach points as players will withdraw late. Remember that teams cannot be named from 45 minutes to an hour before the match. You can choose three, but if you choose two in the same position, you will get the lowest score of the two unless there are two non-playing players in that position.

– Select a round 1 team. If you need help fixing the best aspects,

I subscribed to SuperCoach Plus, Can be guided using the optimizer button.

– Join the league. KFC SuperCoach is already a great way to spend the summer, but joking with your peers starts the fun. If you have too many friends to choose from, you can create a league of 6 or 10 people, or start an unlimited group.

– Read advice articles — include: Shane Warne, Mike Hassy, ​​Karam Ferguson, Isa Guha — Then make as many changes as you need up to Round 1. There are unlimited transactions until the BBL launches on December 5th.


●●Main prizes: $ 25,000

●●Round prize: Each winner of the 13 rounds will receive $ 500. This doubles to $ 1000 for SuperCoach Plus subscribers. Like Shane Warne, the winner of each round wins a baggy green tracksuit for the first time.

Need more help?

Then new KFC SuperCoach YouTube Page and Subscribe..

There is a stack of SuperCoach BBL101 videos available Do all the basics In addition to the selection of the KFC SuperCoach BBL team, Warney’s advice includes:

– WWE Sports

KFC SuperCoach BBL Cheat Sheet: How to Choose a BBL11 Team in 5 Minutes KFC SuperCoach BBL Cheat Sheet: How to Choose a BBL11 Team in 5 Minutes

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