Kickstarter teased, which looks like a re-release of the N64 Classic Glover

Piko Interactive, a studio known for buying old gaming properties to tackle new releases of the abandoned series, seems to be one step closer to launching a re-release of Nintendo 64 platformer Glover. ..

The company acquired the rights to the Glover brand in 2017 and has been making occasional teasings since then. In 2018, we also talked about the possibility of a sequel in a message shared on social media.

Less often asked since then, Piko revisits social media to ask fans what they think of Glover Kickstarter’s stretch goals, not only to make sure the release is still on the card, but also Kickstarter. Proposing a campaign It may be just around the corner.

If you didn’t get the chance to play, Glover is a platformer created by Interactive Studios released on both N64 and Windows in 1998. There is a player who operates a glove (title Glover) for the purpose of moving the ball. Towards the goal of completing each stage. The N64 version of the game received various positive reviews and had a much better fairing with critics than the PlayStation port the following year.

Do you remember playing Glover on the N64? Want to see a re-release on the latest system? As always, share your thoughts with us below.

Thanks to Juan for the hint!

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