Killer Queen Black joins Xbox Game Pass on January 5th

Killer Queen Black, Strategic 8-player arcade action platformer Liquid bit And Bumble Bear gameJoin the Xbox Console family on January 5th via the Xbox Game Pass.

Inspired by the tight mechanics of a retro platformer with a bit of tactical team play, the killer Queen Black victory awaits a whole new community. Each team of four consists of one queen and three workers. The terrifying queen can fly and attack with a stinger sword from the beginning, tag the power-up gates on the field and reach out to the team.

Workers are adaptable and essential to victory. Run to collect berries to fill your team hive, or use berries at power-up gates to get speed boosts and transform into soldiers. Use swords, laser rifles, morning stars and more to destroy enemy workers and face the queen. Combine speed boosts and weapons to become a speed soldier who can make money for the queen.

Each of the seven single-screen maps always shows all characters and strategies. Cooperate and coordinate to conquer the hive of enemy teams using one of three victory types: economic, military, and snail. Fill your team’s hive with berries to secure an economic victory. Ride slowly on the snail to reach your team’s goals and win the snail victory. And sometimes the simplest plans make the most sense. Take out the other queen three times to contain the victory of the army.

Beyond fast reflexes and sharp tactics, Killer Queen Black encourages communication. Gather your friends locally or on Xbox Live to form two teams of four. Play private matches only with your friends or join matchmaking to test your queen skills around the world.

“Thanks to cross-platform support, we’re excited to bring Killer Queen Black to the Xbox Game Pass to further expand our community.” LiquidBit co-founder Matt Tesch said. “The arcade-inspired nature of our game thrives when new players learn everything inside and outside, from how to fly like a champion to how to achieve a sneaky snail victory.”

For more information, please visit the official game website.

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Killer Queen Black Joins Xbox Game Pass 5 January

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