Killer Queen Black’s eight player actions confirmed with the launch of the Xbox Game Pass in January

It’s like an era from us First heard about Killer Queen Black in March 2019, And the first idea to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019 has long passed. But there is good news. You can see that Killer Queen Black will be available on Xbox in January and will be dropped on the Xbox Game Pass in significant quantities.

Come from the LiquidBit team Bumble Bear game, Killer Queen Black, is a new strategic 8-player arcade action platformer inspired by the tight mechanics of the retro scene, all participating in a bit of tactical team play.

Anyway, January 5, 2021 is the date you should stick to your diary. That’s when you see the Killer Queen Black coming out through the Xbox Game Pass dropping onto your Xbox. And once you join, you’ll find that success at Killer Queen Black comes only from a team of four (a team of one queen and three workers). The terrifying queen can fly and attack with a stinger sword from the beginning, tag the power-up gates on the field and reach out to the team.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be a worker. Because these people are adaptable and essential to victory. Run to collect berries to fill your team hive, or use berries at power-up gates to get speed boosts and transform into soldiers. Use swords, laser rifles, morning stars and more to destroy enemy workers and face the queen. Combine speed boosts and weapons to become a speed soldier who can make money for the queen.

Killer Queen Black is now available on Xbox with seven single-screen maps to show all your characters and strategies at any time. By working together and coordinating to conquer the enemy team’s nest, you will find that three victory types are available: economic, military, and snail. This allows you to fill your team’s nest box with berries to secure an economic victory, ride a snail to win a snail’s victory towards your team’s goals, or work on the simplest plan to work with other queens. You will find that you want to be taken out three times to contain the military victory.

Beyond fast reflexes and sharp tactics, Killer Queen Black encourages communication. Gather your friends locally or on Xbox Live to form two teams of four. Play private matches only with your friends or join matchmaking to test your queen skills around the world.

Matt Tesch, co-founder of LiquidBit, said: “We are delighted to bring Killer Queen Black to the Xbox Game Pass and expand our community even further thanks to cross-platform support.” The arcade-inspired nature of our game is how new players fly like champions. It thrives when you come to learn everything inside and outside, from to how to achieve a sneaky snail victory. “

We’ll be sure to announce January 5, 2021 when Killer Queen Black appears on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox Game Pass. Until then, I’ll be busy with the trailer below …

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Killer Queen Black’s Eight-Player Action Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass Launch in January

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