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Well, the fight was as uncompetitive as I imagined, but it lasted longer than I expected. Sole “Canelo” Alvarez dominated Callum Smith for 12 rounds on Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, winning Smith’s WBA super middleweight title and WBC’s free 168-pound strap. He is currently officially the “real” four-category world champion.

Despite Smith’s 7-inch height and 8-inch reach advantage and his near consensus standing as no, I said this wasn’t competitive, so I’ve had a few days leading up to this match. It was certainly a minority. One super middleweight in the world.

As I pointed out, Smith was a good (not great) fighter with good pop in both hands, but he was tall and lacked the ability to fight. He has a fairly slow and weak jab and can be bullied inside. He demands that the other person’s cooperation look special-cooperation, including acknowledging the lack of presence of the ring and the ideal distance to him.

Of course, Alvarez did not cooperate with Smith’s needs and he handled him properly. However, Smith’s weakness should not reduce Mexican performance a bit. In order to make a good fighter look completely pedestrian, it required outstanding intensive execution from Alvarez.

What we see in Canero is something special-a fighter born without elite-level reflexes, athleticism, or power, who is willing to become an elite-level fighter. What we see in him is not “juice”, but hard work, acquired skills, and a keen spirit for the game. Many fans miss the early stages of this story and, despite having gift-wrapped praise (as with all fast-growing stars), are fighting better opposition at a young age. It’s a pity that he chose the legitimacy of the fighter and struck him, one of his contemporaries.

So far, only Manny Pacquiao (a 10-year lead) is doing a deeper job among active fighters, whether he likes it or not, whether he accepts it or not. No other active fighter can do such a complex task. 22-year-old Austin Trout, 23-year-old Floyd Mayweather, 24-year-old Erislandy Lara in a complex match, and Miguel Cotto, Gennady Golovkin, Daniel Jacobs, Shane Mosley, James Kirkland, etc. Countless other styles and approaches and Sergey Kovalev (etc.)-Give the man a doctor-level ring seasoning.

It’s like an old master got a seasoning. Don’t mention it to the army of continuous Canero critics emoji that the man still demands to prove himself.

And while Canero resents the wave of crazy “prove himself” criticism, the triple G “provides himself” the night before, as media lovers and heroes fight fans with low testosterone levels everywhere. Get a collective tongue bath to “make history”.

Just 24 hours ago, Gennady Golovkin returned to the ring after a 14-month furlough to prevent him from trampling on steamed cabbage from Polish pierogi Kamil Selemeta.

To add an absurd touch to the absolutely meaningless “essential” IBF title defense (for a man who just lowered himself to face a previously essential opponent), this nonsense rout is ” It was billed as a result of “making history”. Kazakh technically made the 21st defense of the middleweight title and passed Bernard Hopkins’ 20 successful title defenses. Not for “The” middleweight titles, but for “A” middleweight titles … and not in a row … and for those who have little chance of defeating him.

If anything, the 21 defenses of the department that he actually did little to do is evidence of much of his career’s worthlessness and pointlessness-two or two while getting a freeride. Pinned for a three-money battle, while only facing the opposition of the tailor.

Golovkin is an outstanding attack fighter and one of the most aggressive fighters in the last quarter century, but come on. This “historic” 21 defense is not a thing. It is pulled straight out of someone’s ass.

And while we’re working on it, people need to stop hitting the drums for the third Canelo-GGG fight. I hope both fighters pursue other challenges rather than dancing around their will-will they drama for next year or so? Especially 38-year-old Golovkin needs to stop spinning the wheels and move on to something else while still possible.

During his post-combat interview on Saturday night, Alvarez certainly seemed to have already decided to move forward, focusing on super middleweight unification. Golovkin must move to 168 and win the world title there before Canero sees his way again. But, of course, boxing and money negotiations at Canero-GGG 3 will not die until their potential money is exhausted.

Again, I hope both go on different paths. Take a look at Canero vs. IBF Champion Caleb Plant and WBO Champion Billy Joe Saunders. Take a look at Golovkin vs. WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade and WBC Middleweight Champion Jermall Charlo.

But no matter what happens in the future, it is a mistake not to thank Saul Alvarez in the present form. I am not declaring him the best or such nonsense in history. Anyway, that’s not my decision. What I’m saying is that the man deserves real respect.

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King Canero, “Historic” GGG || FIGHTHYPE.COM King Canero, “Historic” GGG || FIGHTHYPE.COM

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