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Jono Carroll [20(5)-2(0)-1] And share some words of wisdom Cain Lewis [1-0-1]After his Ulster Hall draw – but points out that the real learning took place in the ring.

Lewis took early pro lessons early in his second battle as he stepped up his early enemies. Juan Inn [4-0-2] He punished the teen’s excessive enthusiasm by dropping him twice in the first round of four rounds of scrap.

For his honor, Ballymun BC graduates recovered well, boxed wisely, and maintained his 0 by winning the last three rounds to win a draw.

Former World Title Challenger Carroll has a direct relationship with young prospects, given that teens are trained by their father, Vernon Carroll. Therefore, “King Kong” had a post-match “chat” with the natives of Navan.

The southpaw had to learn from the job of fighting Declan Gerati in the third battle and becoming the Prize Figur Champion in the sixth battle, but not in a hurry, Lewis experienced in the second battle. I believe it was just a victim of the shortage. Adult battle so far.

Carroll, who fights in Dubai on December 11, suggests that young prospects were caught in the crowd and did not respect the potential power of the undefeated Spaniards.

“I contacted Cain the day after his fight, I had a little chat with him,” Carroll explains when talking to

“These things can happen to anyone. He didn’t know what it would be like to be attacked by an eight-ounce gloved man. In this boxing game, you have to forget the crowd and focus on the game. Basically, I told him that these things could happen to anyone.

“I told him not to feed the crowd, just stick to your boxing. When he boxed, we could see the skills he had.” He added that he advised young people to ease the path to battle and feel the power of all their enemies before revealing.

“I told him to take a few shots with gloves, you just can’t hurry there, this isn’t an amateur, it’s not about earning points that aren’t. You don’t even rush into sparring because you know what it looks like. There are serious fighters out there that you always have to be aware of. Opponent records It doesn’t matter what it is. You always have to be in the ball and box to show your strengths. “

They are wise words from a hopeful world title, which is a kind gesture. But it’s not advice that he believes should be given to fighters learned from experience.

“I gave him some wisdom, but he already knew in his head that he was wrong. People tell you so much in this sport. You can, but you won’t learn unless you experience them yourself. The best learning is an unforgettable lesson, so it’s done in a difficult way, “he adds, Lewis added to the experience. I added it before I expected it to be stronger.

“Cain learned a difficult lesson very early in his career. I know the fact that he never rushes again and will bounce back powerfully.”

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King Kong tells the teen where he failed and helps him to “bounce hard” King Kong tells the teen where he failed and helps him to “bounce hard”

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