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Games about boat traversal seem to be quite rare these days. Ubisoft tends to touch it with annual releases (Assassin’s Creed Valhara (Latest) And most big games have some form of voyage movement, but they rarely serve as a selling point for the game itself. King of Seas is one such project aimed at changing this. In a short amount of time, I did have some interesting ideas, but they are still uncoordinated. It seems likely that everyone will be on the deck for a while. Otherwise, you may end up with a sunken ship.

Select a difficulty level and character to see a snippet of the story. The King of Seeds story is pretty mediocre. It certainly feels more like a way to reach the game than the focus itself. The world feels pretty dry and the books and characters you stumbled upon don’t feel developed. “The story began many years ago in the middle of the ocean, in the clear waters and green archipelago.”.. This line greets you at the beginning of the game and just feels standard. It’s a story of a battle between lawless pirates, shamans, and other magical entities and Navy sailors. Eventually, the Navy became dominant, eliminating pirates and magic from the sea. The Navy built a fortress strong enough to protect itself, and the rest of the pirates fled to the rest of the sea.

You play the descendants of the Royal Navy’s pedigree after you rule their first ship. You complete the first quest by boarding a ship, loading gunpowder and moving from the fortress to a nearby harbor. That way, this is considered your coming-of-age ceremony and you can be a real man, or whatever the Navy does in this world. Movement control works reasonably well, moving forward fast, backward slowing, and allowing you to bend on both sides. There is not much nuance in the movement. There is an arrow pointing to the wind, which allows you to move faster, but it was barely noticed in my time. There is no map on the screen showing the way, but there is a map that you can open and effectively pause the game. It seems that I rarely master general movements, and I felt that the first 30 seconds were quite similar to the first hour.

When you arrive at your location, your royal fortress is ambushed by voodoo magic and you are accused of causing it. You are pirated, stuck and picked up – this marks the beginning of your new life. The story is going well, but I feel a little forcible. You happen to be rescued and get caught up in the ocean, even though there is no real way to tell where you are. It sets the ocean as an unruly deadly force controlled by pirates, but it doesn’t really back it up. The King of Seeds feels like they say their stakes are high, but they aren’t actually raising their stakes.

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Your role as a pirate is actually very interesting and can be done by expanding to make a real impression. Gain the ability to fire from the side of the hull, which can be used on any ship or town. Doing so with witnesses will flag you as a malicious pirate – doing so without witnesses will reward you a lot. I’m really a villain and I like this system of fighting teeth and claws to clear your name and connect what happened. Unfortunately, not all of that system is so interesting. For example, the King of Seas has a trading system that doesn’t feel that deep. One place may sell for an amount of X and another may not – move back and forth and repeat. This is almost unnecessary. You can find materials floating in the ocean at random intervals and often get more rewards than trading.

This level of reward is enhanced by how easy the battle is. Boats often get stuck in route search and turn to you to take a much longer route. You can plan this and attack them once, wait for them to come back, and then attack them again. You also have a basic leveling system that gives you experience points when you do most of the things, which can also be abused. All you have to do is collect the debris floating in the sea and raise the level. Unfortunately, King of Seas is still just a preview title, but it just feels a bit daunting, so it’s definitely something you can fix. The idea of ​​what it is trying to achieve is great, but for now there is no reward.

Gamers seem to have been looking for a decent pirate game for a very long time – this has been amplified by the pretty amazing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and continuing to grow. Sea of ​​Thieves.. Skull and Bones, the successor to Black Flag, appears to be completely absent, so something needs to intervene. The classic Sid Meier pirate! With a little more inspiration from, the King of Seeds now feels a little overwhelmed. Hopefully, if you have enough time in front of the development team, this will be a treasure worth hunting down.

A big thank you to 3D Clouds for providing access to the King of Seas. PC via Steam For preview. The game will eventually be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021. We’ll do a full review on Xbox as soon as it’s available.

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