Kingdom Hearts producers say porting the series to Switch natively is still “undecided”

Kingdom hearts When announced in the finals, fans were looking for an emotional roller coaster Super Smash Bros. Ultimate A presentation that the entire series will appear on the Nintendo Switch, but only through cloud streaming technology. The cloud version is a somewhat controversial way to bring titles to different platforms, as streaming games not only require an active internet connection, but can also cause frustrating input delays and gameplay breaks. ..

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Kingdom Hearts producer Ichiro Hazama was asked about the real reason behind Square Enix not porting the game natively to Switch.

“”Introducing these titles to the Nintendo Switch turned out to be very difficult for a variety of reasons, including hardware storage capacity, but I’m happy to say that it was only possible with cloud services. .. “

– Kingdom Hearts Producer, Ichiro Hazama

Later, when asked about the possibility of getting a native switchport in the future, such as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 remixes, some of the less demanding titles in the series’ graphics, Hazama replied: “At this point, we haven’t decided to create a native version. We believe that the cloud version is currently the best way to deliver the Kingdom Hearts series to Nintendo Switch players, but we always listen to fan feedback. I am looking forward to it and would like to thank all the support of the fans. “


Kingdom Hearts producer says porting the series to Switch natively is still “undecided”

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