Kingpin: Reload was delayed in 2021 due to plans for original reverse engineering

Kingpin: Reloaded, 1999 PC Crime FPS Luxury Remaster Kingpin: Crime Life According to the announcement on the game’s Steam page, it will miss the originally intended 2020 release and will be pushed next year.

The reason for the delay caused by the developer Slipgate Ironworks is probably due to a major change in the way the team creates remasters. The source code for the original game no longer exists, so it was previously intended to recreate the game with the latest engine.

However, according to the statement, the team decided to change the tack earlier this year and finally “a better approach is to completely reverse engineer the original game and engine, basically missing sources. It’s about rebuilding from the beginning. ” This is what the team has been working on for most of 2020, but the studio says it’s almost done by recreating all the textures from scratch in high resolution. Development will continue until January, and the team will be able to put everything together and share more details.

Kingpin: Reloaded Was first announced in January (reported by Xbox Achievements), and new features include “non-violence” and multiplayer modes, as well as a console release in addition to the PC version of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. I was told.

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