Kingpin: Reload was delayed until 2021

Kingpin: ReloadedA recreated version of the 1999 first-person shooter Kingpin: Life of Crime will not be released this year as originally planned. Not surprising given the low number of days left in 2020.

In a message shared with fans, the team said that “some major changes” had occurred during development, causing delays. Instead of recreating things with a modern engine, we reverse engineer the original game and engine to “recreate the essentially missing source from scratch.”

Thankfully, development is on track. More news will be shared in January.

I would like to share with you the latest information on KP Reloaded and why it takes so long.

Earlier this year, we released the game with the goal of releasing it this summer.

However, due to some major changes during development, we decided to postpone the game.

Earlier this year, we decided to change our approach to remastering. As you know, Kingpin’s original source code no longer exists, so the original plan was to “recreate” the game with the latest engine (the same approach that Nightdive uses for KexEngine games).

However, during this time, I quickly realized that it would be better to completely reverse engineer the original game and engine in order to make the game feel 100% like the original game (including some great AI routing, etc.). It was. , Basically recreate the missing source from scratch.

We’ve been working hard on this for most of 2020, but it’s almost complete.

In addition to the programming aspects, the task of recreating all the in-game textures from scratch in high resolution is almost complete. There is no AI upscaling here!

In January, we will enter the next stage of development. Putting it all together, you will eventually be able to share more videos, gameplay, screenshots and open closed beta.

Kingpin: Reloaded delayed to 2021

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