Kings collapses in Q3 and falls to Sands 116-100 – NBA Sports

The perfect 72-0 record is no longer played Sacramento Kings..After winning the first two games on a regular season schedule, Kings Phoenix Suns 116-100 on Sunday night.

The Kings looked as sharp as starting the game throughout the season, with rookie Tyrese Halliburton at the center of everything. In the third official NBA game, Halliburton looked like a veteran, smashing defenses over time and working well without the ball in his hand. Halliburton finished the game with 15 points, with 5 of 7 shots from the field and 3 of 4 shots from behind the arc. He also recorded the team’s best 6 assists.

Overall, Kings did a great job of passing the ball, at least in the first half. In the second half, the balls started to stick together and I couldn’t take advantage of my speed. The Kings struggled and Sands took advantage of cold stretches to run one after another until the game started in the third quarter. Three different suns finished the game with 20 points or more.

If Kings continue to surprise people, they can’t afford to be too far from their strengths. This means moving the ball on the half-court and boosting the pace of the transition. The latter depends on defensive efforts.

Hopefully, the disappointment of Kings’ second half was the result of their playing on Saturday.Kings returns to court Denver Nuggets on Tuesday.

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Kings collapses in Q3 and falls to Sands 116-100 Kings collapses in Q3 and falls to Sands 116-100

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