Kingsman Director is working on an R-rated game show

Matthew Vaughn is already working on a new Kingsman sequel, but he revealed that he also shot a pilot for a new adult game show.

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It’s said that the entertainment industry isn’t surprised, Matthew Vaughn Bringing a new R-rated quiz show to TV is certainly one of them.Bourne is finally watching his new movie Kingsman Arriving at the cinema this Christmas, there was no enthusiastic reaction from critics and early audiences.While his original Kingsman: Secret Service It was a big hit and the sequel wasn’t very popular, but he hopes to get everything right for the production of the newly released third movie. Now Bourne seems to be looking for a completely new path for his director’s talent.

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Video game shows have been a staple of network schedules since the 1950s, but with one or two exceptions, they are firmly rooted in the “family friendly” realm. However, in recent years there have been whispers of new formats trying to go against the trend and never appeared on the screen, but studios are beginning to consider more unique ideas for playing game shows for new viewers. .. The Harry potter-Inspired Home tournament Vaughn’s new project is a fresh air, as the famous IP is one such example brought into the field of game shows, and many old formats are considered dull and outdated in modern landscapes. It may be a breath of air.

While talking to Collider About his future projects later Kingsman, Bourne commented on his new venture, but only in a very vague, teasing way, as he admitted that he couldn’t get into the details about it. “And we’re making TV … Believe it or not, we reinvented the quiz show. We filmed the pilot last week. We’re doing our first R-rated quiz show. Not much about that. I can’t say, but I’m watching the edit later today, “he said.

but also, Kingsman In a series of films, Bourne has also participated in several other successful projects. Stardust, Rocketman When the kick ass Franchise, He has offered different genres as both a director and a producer. This gives the TV show an even more exciting outlook for knowing what he comes up with. There is a lot of potential for the exact “R rating” format to be adopted, but it seems that we have to wait for the official words to come out.

Meanwhile, Director Bourne Kingsman Ready to hit the cinema It’s December 22nd, but the review is very complicated and Spider-Man: No Way Home When Matrix Resurrections, Seems to make a rough move in the movie theater. A poor show at the theater for the day before, led by Ralph Fines and Gemma Arterton, could arrive at the streaming service sooner than expected, potentially increasing the chances of a fight to find viewers a bit. I have.

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Kingsman Director is working on an R-rated game show

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