KitariaFables is an action RPG Stardew, but has a cat

This year is 2026. There are only two game genres, “Stardew Valleybut Rough” and “Stardew Valleybut anime”. Kitaria Fables is the latter.that is Also “Stardew Valley but cats”, but look in their eyes. These are anime cats.

Also Stardew Valley but Diablo?? Stop asking questions and watch the trailer.

It was that particular style of pixel art that I hated that stopped playing Stardew, but I like it. Kitalia has cute windmills, hopping slimes, and soaring orchestral music. I like it when it rains, and I also like the townspeople who look like bears. Towns Bears?

Combat seems to be a bigger focus of the game than the trailer suggests. Take a look at this GIF for a bigger (and blurry, sorry) glance.

Combat is classless in real time, but you can customize your loadout with items and magic created in the town. The polar bear, Sage Alby, found on the trailer teaches you magic. I love video games.

You can also collaborate with one other person to play the game locally or via Steam Remote Play.

Do you still have a desire for more video games agriculture? I don’t know how often I want to plant and water the seeds, but I’m crazy about the atmosphere of Kitaria Fables’ folk Japanese video games. Keep an eye out for it when it’s released via Steam later this year.

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