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KK Slider is a travel musician who played songs on the guitar in all versions of Animal Crossing. He’s a special, unplayable character, and he’s back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Unlike previous games, KKSlider does not automatically appear in the town of New Horizons. Instead, you need to increase the popularity and reputation of the island and help Tom Nuuk perform various tasks to get his attention.

Once you have met all of Tom Nook’s requests and achieved a 3-star town rating, the KK slider will begin to appear in the town square every Saturday (or Friday if an event is scheduled for Saturday).

KK Slider will set up an area full of chairs to listen to villagers sitting and singing random songs, but will not accept requests for specific songs until after 6 pm. During this time, the player can request to play a specific song, a specific mood, or a random song.

Totake’s secret song
ACNH has three hidden songs, which are only available upon request from KK. Drivin’, Animal City,and Farewell..
Please request someday!

If the song is specifically requested and spelled correctly, KK Slider will provide a copy of the song to place on the record player. If the song is misspelled, he will instead play a random song and apologize after the song is over. You will have to wait a week to request the song again.

This is an interactive list: You can track the collected songs by clicking or tapping the songs below on your mobile phone. Save that data in case you come back next time.

Below is a list of all the known songs that KKSlider can play on New Horizons. When requesting a song, please use the appropriate capital letters and periods (there is no space between each K!).


Totake’s secret song

Animal Crossing has three secret KK slider songs: New Horizons. They are:

  • Drivin’
  • Animal City
  • Farewell


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