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Updated: December 21, 2020 20:51:56

KL Rahul didn’t play the first test (Express Archive)

The legendary Indian batter Sunil Gavaska wants KL Rahul Open instead of variant Plitobi show In Second test against Australia at MCG from December 26th..

Former Indian captain wants Shubuman Gil to play in the middle order.

“India will consider making two changes. First, KL Rahul may have to replace Prithvi Shaw as an opener. Shubuman Gil should come in at number 5 or 6. His figure is good. If it starts well, things can change, “Gavaskar told the YouTube channel SportsTak about the possibility of a lineup change.

He warned that if India couldn’t stay positive, there might be 0-4 driving on the card.

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“We must believe that India can come back with the rest of the test series. If India can’t find a positive attitude, a loss of 4-0 series can occur, but. If they are positive, why? It can happen (comeback), “Gavaskull said with hope.

“India needs to start the Melbourne test well. They need to step into the ground with a lot of aggressiveness. Australia’s weakness is their batting,” he said.

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Gavaskull takes the anger among his fans for granted after finishing all 36 in the first test.

“It’s natural to be angry after such a performance, but with cricket, anything can happen. Look at yesterday’s scene and today’s events.”

Gava Skull also ruined the missed catch and reduced the lead to just 53.

“If we had a good catch and proper field placement, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Tim Pain and Marnus Rabshagne would have left early.

“We should have been able to get a 120-run lead. Australia took the lead in the test due to a fallen catch, leading up to 50 runs,” added Gavaskar.

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KL Rahul Needs to Replace Prithvi Shaw with XI: Sunil Gavaskar Play KL Rahul Needs to Replace Prithvi Shaw with XI: Sunil Gavaskar Play

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