Klingon core rulebook available in Star Trek Adventure

November 6, 2020 by Polar_Bear

One of the classic civilizations of Star Trek, Klingons are checking history with the Enterprise crew. In most cases, the adversaries were still abundant with friendly Klingons like Wharf.If you are a player Star Trek Adventure The Klingon Core Rulebook is now available in both regular and deluxe versions, so if you want to add some Klingon flair to your game, you’re in luck.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce the full release of the Klingon Empire Core Rulebook today. This is a new version of the Star Trek Adventure Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook, giving players and gamemasters the opportunity to play the game from a whole new perspective. Klingon Empire!

More information on this new core book can be purchased and downloaded from as a physical book, or as a digital release itself from or DTRPG. Anyone who pre-orders this book earlier this year can get the final version of the PDF now. PDF customers can use the code they receive to claim a print discount.

Star Trek Adventure: Klingon Core Rulebook is printed on both Core rule book And special Collector’s Edition Edition as and PDF on And DriveThruRPG..You can also download Free Klingon Character Sheet To record your exploit!


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