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KLLM announces salary increase and hometime payments

KLLM Transport Services, one of North America’s leading temperature-controlled truck-loading carriers, announced this week the largest comprehensive wage and compensation increase in the company’s history.

Drivers and independent contractors of all road and regional companies leased to KLLM will receive salary increases and compensation increases in February. Drivers of OTR companies will see a 33% increase in maximum cents per mile. According to the company’s statement, KLLM Driving Academy students who have completed training have the option to go to the company’s driver or independent contractor immediately, increasing their profitability by 33%.

Regional company drivers and independent contractors will see a 10-16% increase in wages and compensation in February, guaranteeing a weekly minimum wage option for corporate driver positions in all regions of the company.

“The KLLM driver has been remarkable after some difficult times in the transportation industry over the past few years,” said Jim Richards, KLLM’s President and Chief Executive Officer. We are excited to convey the biggest salary increase in the company’s history starting in February. The reaction from current drivers is already tremendous. Our leadership receives feedback and raises driver wages. Not only did it go into action with a practical mileage transition, paid vacation, and a higher guaranteed weekly wage option.

“The guaranteed minimum weekly wage option was implemented by us last year and is now being rolled out nationwide to drivers of local companies while keeping wages more predictable, if they can drive. I know exactly how much I’ll bring home each week, but in some cases ups and downs can occur. “

Paid leave for OTR driver drivers will soon be implemented, and drivers who earn home time will be paid for the number of days off the road.

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, KLLM offers a variety of transportation services including roads, regions, private, intermodal and logistics.

KLLM announces salary increase and hometime payments KLLM announces salary increase and hometime payments

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