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London (AFP) – Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Tottenham boss Antonio Conte have called for the January League Cup semi-finals to switch to a one-legged tie to ease the crowds in the match.

The Spurs have a backlog of three Premier League games due to bad weather and a postponement of the outbreak of the coronavirus within the team. Liverpool has also been affected by four Covid-19 positive cases in the past week.

Six of the 10 Premier League games scheduled for last weekend have been canceled, and authorities have decided to move forward despite a record number of positive incidents across the UK in the coming weeks. More games are planned at.

Last year’s League Cup two-legged semi-final was shortened to one match due to a backlog due to a pandemic delay in the start of the season.

Currently, Liverpool will face Arsenal in the first two weeks of January, and Conte will face the old club Chelsea in the last four weeks.

“I think it’s absolutely good in one game, but obviously what I say isn’t that important,” said a Premier League managers meeting on Thursday, adding a series of coronavirus concerns. Klopp said.

“If you have two games, you play two games. But if you have only one thing, it’s useful.

“The draw has us in Arsenal, I’m okay with that, we play there, see who is better, and go for it.”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson said Wednesday that “no one takes the welfare of the players seriously,” in concerns about the number of games forced by the already stretched team.

Klopp has consistently campaigned to reduce the number of games and return five substitutions to the Premier League in recent seasons.

However, Liverpool is one of the six British clubs that tried to launch the European Super League in April, and more games would have been added to the schedule.

“This year we’re not just talking about the welfare of athletes, we’ve been talking about it for over six years,” Klopp added.

“If what I say is more useful, I will say it more often. But it doesn’t help.

“The only thing I do with these messages is to create headlines. They never arrive in the right place.”

Tottenham was removed from the Europa Conference League earlier this week because the clubs couldn’t agree on a final group match with Rennes.

The Spurs had to postpone the fixture originally scheduled for December 9th due to the outbreak of Covid, which was positively tested by at least eight players and five staff members.

“It may be better to play one game instead of two, especially in the situations we live in, but we need to respect the rules,” Conte said.

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Klopp and Conte are enthusiastic about the one-legged League Cup semifinals Klopp and Conte are enthusiastic about the one-legged League Cup semifinals

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