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KNB-Kunenberry Gold | Australia Equity Forum

The Kunenbury Gold Project is located in northwestern New South Wales, approximately 160 km northeast of Broken Hill’s major mining and cultural center and 40 km west of the opal mining town of White Cliffs. Easy access from the main road connecting Broken Hill, White Cliffs and Tibulla.

Lasseter Gold Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koonenberry, owns a wholly owned stake in 12 granted row houses associated with the Koonenberry Gold project. All Nagaya are in good condition. This is an important lease position of approximately 1,339 km2 in emerging major mineral regions with excellent potential for various styles of gold mining.

The project area is centered around a major gold nugget field sourced from an outcrop nugget quartz reef, which until recently had restricted access to the land. Koonenberry has one land access agreement, one under renewal and one under negotiation.

KNB is expected to be listed on ASX in August 2021.

KNB-Kunenberry Gold | Australia Equity Forum KNB-Kunenberry Gold | Australia Equity Forum

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