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Well, it was embarrassing.

The· Indianapolis Colts I was rolling in Pittsburgh in the first half.The· Steelers Both on-site and on the sidelines, it looked like a completely lost team with no identity. I felt that the odds of recording three touchdowns in the second half against the defense that was dominant in the second half of the football game seemed zero.

Enter Frank Reich and Colts’ attacks, or their lack. For the sake of fairness, Matt Everfras was praised as a head coach candidate in the first half and will be a gouache in the second half.

Colts started the game by pushing his will on the attack line. This is an incredible achievement given that both Bradden Smith and Anthony Castonzo are out of the game. They mainly focused on small short passes and did so by utilizing a running back that exposed the Steelers’ defenses unanswered and large. Jonathan Taylor looks like a breakout player he’s spent weeks on, heading for a rush performance of over 80 yards.

In the first half, Taylor rushed 13 times with 49 yards and two rush touchdowns. In the second half, Taylor hurried five times at 25 yards. Three of these five carries occurred on Colts’ first aggressive drive. As a result, the field goal was achieved. Those rushes went 25 yards.

He had a total of two carries in the last five offensive possessions and was targeted only once in the air.

Nyheim Hines made six rushes in the first half at 27 yards and failed to win his only pass target. What about the second half? Hines had a total of two carries with six offensive possessions.

The efficient short game in the first half set some deep shots and upset the Steelers defense. It culminated in a 42-yard bomb on Zack Pascal for a score in the first half. This was the best Colts attack and established the rhythm that needed to be maintained as we were on the road to the playoffs. A rhythm that presupposes winning in a trench and running the ball efficiently.

All of that? I went in the second half.

After the Steelers scored a touchdown in the second half to reduce the lead to 10 points, Indianapolis and its attacks appeared on the field, giving them a chance to keep things going. Frank Reich dialed a quick strike pass heavy game plan, including a second down deep pass strike that leads to a sack and puts Colts behind the chain, rather than sticking to what’s working. result? The three-and-out immediately returned the ball to the Steelers, and the attack began to gain momentum.

In the cue, Pittsburgh charged the field and scored again, reducing the lead to just three points. Colts punted two attack drives: This includes 3 outs and 5 play drives with a total of 20 attack yards. Turning his back on the wall in the fourth quarter, Philip Rivers I threw an intercept and sealed the game.

The defense began in the second half with giving up three straight touchdown drives. These drives contained path interference calls in Xavier Rhodes. The bad pass interference call to Kenny Moore was a big deal for the Steelers. A pass interference call to TJ Carrie who set up the Steelers in 1st place and goal. Adds another penalty to Xavier Rose for illegal contact.

In punt coverage play, Caliwillis, who started safety, was turned back and returned to the locker room for a concussion assessment. His loss did not ease the life of the secondary. Rock Ya-Sin was torched one-on-one for a deep pass to Diontae Johnson who chased the big play.

Colts had no pass rush to speak throughout the game. The only bag was created by the highly secure Cali Willis. Roethlisberger only hit twice throughout the game. Blitz became too dangerous in the second half after Roethlisberger entered.

Remember the illegal block in the backcall near the end of the first half? This was when the game was out of control. Magically, the Fall Defender, who was contacted while Mark Growinski was heading to the ground, pulls out the flag of an illegal block behind him. This robbed Naiheim Hines of great profits, brought the Colts attack to the business, and scored again in the first half. Instead, the play was followed by a delay in the game, leading to a second and 20.

It’s funny that when a horrifying call is made in a game, it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time. The Colts were rolling and the Steelers looked like trash. Who cares if an official makes a bad call? This is an important reason. The game has had a huge impact on both franchises and is too close for officials to hit the national television bed.

If you don’t think the call is bad, return to Colts’ aggressive drive when you see Chaz Green wrapping his arms around his shoulders and neck area and absolutely robbing TJ Watt. Keeps Philip Rivers clean. This obvious hold was not called. Obviously meaningless blocks of backcalls will be called later to end the game (It’s an obvious NFLAnd it was to be the first in a series of calls along the Pittsburgh path that helped Colts feel embarrassed in front of much of the NFL fan community.

Frank-like should be embarrassed. Matt Everfras should be embarrassing. The player should be embarrassed. Officials and the NFL need to be embarrassed by the weekly Garbage Fest for part-time clerks.

Colts are in a position to win at home with Jacksonville next week and they need help to get in.

I think I will get sick.

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Kneeling reaction: Colts blows a 17-point lead due to a catastrophic loss, the playoffs are still suspicious Kneeling reaction: Colts blows a 17-point lead due to a catastrophic loss, the playoffs are still suspicious

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