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Lewis Hamilton. (Internet image)

London – Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was awarded the Knights on the British New Year Honors List announced Wednesday.

This year’s 35-year-old F1 driver has become the most successful F1 driver in history after defeating Germany’s 91 race wins, rivaling Ferrari’s great Michael Schumacher’s seven record titles.

Hamilton, the only black driver of sports who grew up in social housing as a grandson of Caribbean immigrants, used his profile to campaign for diversity and oppose racism.

The presence of Monaco residents on international and international lists is considered to reflect his tax situation, rather than being a major pandemic and highly rewarded for public health service. I did.

The Daily Mail said Prime Minister Boris Johnson “bent the rules” to circumvent the tax requirements for domestic incentives.

This quote refers to Hamilton’s sports record and his “charitable and philanthropic contributions in the UK and abroad.”

Cinematographer Roger Deakins is famous for his work in films such as: 1917, In the sky of the show shank And 007 Skyfall, I became a knight on the same overseas list.

Hamilton’s supporters have long felt that his achievements have not been fully recognized at home and have expressed joy in joining the Mercedes driver to a chosen group of sports sir.

“Lewis is a true giant of our sport and his influence is enormous inside and outside the car,” said Stefano Domenicali, former Ferrari team principal and newly appointed CEO of Formula One. Said. “What he has achieved is astounding and more will come.”

Toto Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes team, praised Hamilton, who won his first McLaren title in 2008, as the most successful British athlete of his time.

The Knights have shown that Hamilton (often seen as a polarized person) “is now receiving the recognition he has gained in his unparalleled success in motorsport,” he added.

“The UK can be very proud to have Sir Lewis Hamilton’s caliber champion and ambassador,” the Austrians added.

Hamilton is the fourth F1 driver after the late Australian Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss and triple champion Jackie Stewart, and the only driver to win this award during the race.

Cycling Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, Olympic 5000m and 10000m gold medalist Andy Murray, two-time Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray, and English cricketer Alastair Cook have also become knights as active sportsmen. It was. (Reuters)

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Knights of Hamilton – NationNews Barbados — Knights of Hamilton – NationNews Barbados —

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