Knights of the Old Republic 2 Switch Review

This is a good opportunity for Switch owners to become a Star Wars fan. There are lots of classic Star Wars titles and some new titles, but these have been fascinating the car for months. Recently, developer and publisher Aspyr brought one of Star Wars’ biggest and most beloved games to Switch: Bioware’s classic Knights of the Old Republic. Not only was it a great transformation of a great game, the Switch is also a great place to play it on the go. You can check here more about what we thought about it: Knights of the Old Republic Switch Review | Invision Game Community (

Aspyr has completed the collection with the Knights of the Old Republic 2, a sequel developed in KoToR’s obsidian. Did they do a good job at this port, or are there a lot of problems due to the dark side?

KoToR 2 There was a rough development cycle and many problems remained in the final game. The problem divided the player base and the critics alike. The general reception was positive, but there were lots of bugs and endings as the game was rushing to the development schedule. .. .. Not satisfied to say the least.

The PC has a hero in a remodeling scene that has spent time fixing bugs and restoring lost content that was originally remedied by unofficial patches. Since then, Aspyr has officially approved the patch and made it the official DLC for games on home computers. Sadly, the closed Xbox system meant that that version of the game remained the first released. Thankfully, the switch version of the game gets the cut content as a free DLC. Unfortunately, it’s not available yet. So, at the time of writing, the Switch version of the game is the same as the original release in terms of content, if not visual.

KoToR 2 Stand-alone sequel to KoToR, That means following your own storyline nodding to the first game. When the Jedi are almost eradicated by the Sith, you assume the role of an anonymous Jedi. In a galactic adventure, you need to survive the Sith, choosing which side of the Force you want to go down. Light or dark.

If you play KoToR, Or any of BioWare’s other RPGs, you can see what you can expect. Queue lots of voiced dialogues, branching dialogue choices, lots of side quests, combat and strength, and finally the entire pile of choices. This is not just about the Jedi. It’s yours too. Do you want to help heal the galaxy or divide it further? Do you spare coins to save someone from the gang, or do you want to kill everyone on your way? All of BioWare’s patented playstyles are up to you.

Obsidian came and made the sequel their own. From gameplay to engine changes. often, KoToR 2 Is a very dark game where you can lock out quests and open new quests. For those who like to sit on the fence for convenience, there is an equal chance to join the light or dark with lots of gray options. Your choices not only affect what you can open, but also your partnership with your allies.

Immediately from the bat, KoToR 2 It’s a completely different game from the beginning. It’s also much more combat-oriented. You will fight as much as you explore and talk. The combat system this time feels a little more sophisticated, and the stacking of commands works well. Combat animations are still well maintained today, and AI-controlled allies are perfectly effective in combat.

visually KoToR 2 It is running in high resolution. Some work has been done on the character model and texture, and if it’s a bit sparse by today’s standards, the game looks great overall. There are still moments when the speed slows down. Usually when there are too many effective particles or in a large space battle. The first game had the same problem. This is due to engine issues rather than poor porting or lack of hardware power.

One of the interesting aspects I enjoyed was the way Obsidian chose to deal with the first game event and multiple endings. When a selection-driven game has multiple endings and the sequel chooses to create one ending canon, Obsidian chooses to allow it to choose its own response to the ending of the previous game. .. I thought it was a neat way to keep the player’s choices from being isolated. KoToR 2 It’s also a slow-paced game. Completing an action-rich prologue slows down the game, builds characters and stories, and keeps everyone busy solving problems. However, most things can usually be easily solved by putting the blaster on your face.

With DLC, this is considered the most reliable version of the game and is another reason to hope it was available at launch. Not only did you get cut content and a richer endgame, but some of the game’s bugs would have been resolved.

While playing the game, I ran into one nasty loop bug at the Peragus station. There, the game kept looping through the same battle over and over again. Reloading solved the problem. However, some users have more serious bugs. This is a crash in a cutscene past the midpoint of the game, and the story basically stops because you can’t go any further.

Aspyr is aware of the issue and is working on the appropriate patch to resolve the issue. Especially the crash of cutscenes that break the game. In the meantime, if you’re one of the few switch owners suffering from this bug, there’s a workaround to use the game cheat system to warp across cutscenes. It’s not a sophisticated solution, but at least one will exist until Aspyr is ready to deploy patches.

Like the previous game, KoToR 2 on the Switch is the ideal way to play for me. With complex characters and quests, the result will actually stop you and think about your decision. Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a fascinating foray into distant galaxies, capturing the magic of Star Wars that many of us have come to. Love.

Developers: Aspyr, Obsidian Entertainment, Aspyr (Mac, Linux, and Windows Update)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems
Publishers: Aspyr, The Walt Disney Company, Lucasarts, Lucasfilm, Aspyr (Mac, Linux)

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Knights of The Old Republic 2 Switch Review

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