Knightshift and Tumblestone Steam Key Giveaway

Gamers Hello, everyone. ChampionFlow holds new giveaways for Knightshift and Tumblestone. Read about their offer.

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A word about Knightshift and Tumblestone

Developer Description: “Do you like real-time strategies? Or do you like role-playing games … Would you like to combine both genres into one? … or both separately? … in one game: KnightShift! In a mysterious world beyond fantasy and imagination, where corruption and disaster are inextricably linked, not everything looks as it should. The dark adventure begins in the RPG part. Dungeon, rare Divided into eight chapters: Treasure, Very Strange Companions, and Horrible Enemies. In this action-packed role-play, eight individually equipped characters are available. Form your hero and he It’s up to you, the player, to help you with your fame and victory. As soon as Gallus is released, you can start the task of bringing Prince John back to his father’s kingdom. The strategy begins here: your loyalty. With the support of various subjects, the battle against the power of evil begins. “

Last note

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