Knock up the second RPG supplement on Kickstarter

May 26, 2021 by Polar_Bear

“More!” This is one of the things that every gamer wants when it comes to RPGs.And knock Indeed, it brings you more. What more? Well, a little bit of everything. Encounters, random tables, classes, monsters and much more. The second issue is published on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

I haven’t finished reading Knock! Do you want to issue one? In a hurry, the second volume is about to be sent to the printer. And it’s full of Gonzo’s goodness even more than the first one!

We did it again: we gathered some of the most respected, most creative, and perhaps the weirdest minds of the old school role-playing scene, and their best to make this thick magazine. I have summarized some of the works of.

I made KNOCK again! The overloaded bric-à-brac we dreamed of. We hope that some of the game shelves still have space that is easily accessible from the game table.

This second issue is a beautiful full-color 224 page (A5 format: 5.9’x 8.25′, slightly larger than the digest size) printed on high quality paper (130 gr coat, with 300 gr cover). I will.

With the unique flavors of old-fashioned slash adventure games, including systems and entities, useful rules and procedures, random tables and lists, map pages, 6 new classes, 9 new monsters, and 4 complete adventure thoughts. It’s full.

The campaign is approaching 10 times more funded with 29 days left.


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