Knockout City is free for EA Play members — even on Xbox Game Pass

Knockout cityThe multiplayer dodgeball game, released on May 21st by Electronic Arts, is free and fully accessible to all EA Play subscribers, including those who have the program through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Electronic Arts announced that it will be available in a blog post on Monday. Knockout city, Also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PCs (and cross-play and cross-progression compatible among all of them) is $ 19.99 at launch for non-EA Play members.

All EA Play subscribers get one free in-game outfit. Knockout city.. The game has a $ 29.99 deluxe edition option that includes eight customization options. According to EA, EA Play members can get this content for an additional $ 9.99, but EA Play Pro subscribers (an option available only on PC) are already available on subscription.

Players who are not EA Play subscribers will be able to play the entire game for free for the first 7 days. If you want to continue, you can purchase it and take over the progress and items you’ve earned in your trial.

Knockout city Was announced in February, but it was a bit difficult to understand at first because it’s a whole new sport. But thanks to a few beta weekends that have taken place since then, it has grown to us, including a major multi-platform event at the beginning of the month.

The game acts like a collaborative and competitive shooter, with Dodgeball as the projectile and the futuristic cityscape as a map. Velan Studios, Manufacturer Mario Kart Live: Home circuit Continued development for Nintendo Switch Knockout city For the EA Originals label for the last two years.

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