Knockout City is free to play for 10 days at launch

People in sporty games getting off the bench. Electronic Arts’ upcoming competitive team Dodgeball game Knockout City is coming next week and is free to play for the first 10 days after launch. Some of the RPS crew have already had a decent time trying it out earlier this year, so you might want to dive in. EA will queue a significant number of events during the free trial period and will also begin the first season of KOC. They have just announced everything you can start on May 21st.

According to EA, you’ll have access to the entire game during your free trial, not just a subset of maps and activities. As this is a team-based competitive game, you need to team up with friends across platforms, unlock cosmetic items and join playlists of four different game styles.

EA calls the first 10 days of KOC a block party. This includes a few days for developers to play against Twitch and community tournament players. The first season of knockouts will begin on May 25, also during the trial period, with new maps, various “contract” types, and league play. With the announcement of EA, you can get the rest of the details of the trials and activities.

Both Corum and Ed were optimistic when they tried KOC earlier this year. You can hear Corum explaining it in the February video. Ed made a preview of Knockout City at about the same time. He explains that the method and timing of throwing a dodgeball actually involves a great deal of skill, and the imaginary weight is also inflated.

“I also have to yell at fake throws,” says Ed. “This is also a super-easy act, but when I pretended to be a thrower, saw the opponent panic and instinctively hit the air, and tried to catch the ball that didn’t come, the evil delight flashed. There are other tricks, such as curving the ball like hay making, or lobing many times to bypass obstacles. ”

Ed also talked about KOC’s skill making quick decisions about the throwing style to use and where to place it on the map, rather than precise aiming (fixing to the target when throwing). As a bad shooter who hates to miss the latest team-based trends, it sounds pretty swelling to me. It’s also on the RPS May PC Games Top 10 list.

The free trial period for Knockout City begins on May 21st at 1:00 pm PST and continues until May 30th.

Knockout City will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin for $ 19.99 on Friday, May 21st. It will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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