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Koch Engineered Solutions Acquires DEPCOM Power to Build New Industrial Platform in Renewable Energy and Electrical Infrastructure Value Chain

Koch Engineered Solutions today announced the acquisition of DEPCOM Power, one of the country’s leading solar EPCs, to build a new industry platform for renewable energy and EV infrastructure. Kock is one of the world’s largest private companies providing industrial solutions to the traditional energy sector. Entry into the renewable energy industry marks a major shift to climate change-friendly activities and strengthens efforts for cleaner electrical infrastructure.

Wichita, Kansas-November 30, 2021-Koch Engineered Solutions LLC (KES), a division of Koch Industries Inc. (Koch), today announced the acquisition of DEPCOM Power Inc. (DEPCOM). DEPCOM is a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company that builds utility scale solar power plants and manages ongoing operation, maintenance and refurbishment services.

Don Brown, Vice President of Business Development at KES, said: “DEPCOM has grown tremendously over the past few years. This acquisition reflects our belief that the company will be a major player in the industry in the future. Developers and operators of renewable energy power plants We look forward to helping you deliver to your end users. Increased access to cost-effective and reliable energy. ”

DEPCOM is one of the largest solar EPCs in the United States, successfully designing, engineering, constructing and commissioning practical solar projects. DEPCOM differentiates itself through customer-centric solutions, full-service models, and in-house expertise and tools for the development, optimization and operation of photovoltaics. DEPCOM’s portfolio includes approximately 5GW of projects representing completed, under-construction, and pre-construction stages across the United States.

Dave Dotson, President of KES, said: “The acquisition of DEPCOM is in line with KES’s vision to transform the business and improve and create new industrial platforms while providing innovative and mutually beneficial technology and service solutions to the industrial value chain. We are looking for solutions in this increasingly important and highly competitive area through our capabilities. “

The renewable energy generation sector continues to grow significantly, with businesses and consumers around the world increasingly using this cost-effective energy generation option in addition to traditional energy resources. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that solar power will increase from 3% of the US power mix in 2020 to 14% by 2035.

A key driver of KES’s entry into the renewable energy sector is the cost competitiveness of utility-scale photovoltaics without subsidies, which will become an increasingly important part of the power generation mix over time. .. Increased energy use in businesses and homes. Consumers’ continued preference for renewable energy.

Johnnie Taul, CEO of DEPCOM, said: Together, we continue our mission to be the solution provider of choice for our customers in the energy industry. “

Stinson LLP served as KES’s legal counsel for this transaction, and Greenberg Traurig LLP served as DEPCOM’s legal counsel.

About Koch Engineered Solutions
Koch Engineered Solutions (KES) offers outstanding value in the development, integration and application of innovative technology and service solutions for the industrial value chain. KES offers uniquely designed solutions in construction. Mass and heat transfer; Combustion and emission control; Filtration; Separation; Material applications; Automation and operation. Based in Wichita, Kansas, KES is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, one of the world’s largest private companies. For more information, please visit

About DEPCOM Power
DEPCOM Power is the next energy solution partner. Project development support, engineering, procurement and construction, operation and maintenance services for utilities, independent power producers, and project development companies. DEPCOM Power leverages an experienced power team, technology-agnostic first-class equipment, and cost-effective solution delivery methods to provide the energy industry with the highest levels of agility, price, and quality. For more information on DEPCOM Power, please visit

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Daniel Luciano
Marketing Director-DEPCOM Power

Dan Knight
Senior Manager of Business Communications & Marketing-Koch Industries

Koch Engineered Solutions Acquires DEPCOM Power to Build New Industrial Platform in Renewable Energy and Electrical Infrastructure Value Chain Koch Engineered Solutions Acquires DEPCOM Power to Build New Industrial Platform in Renewable Energy and Electrical Infrastructure Value Chain

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