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Kochava Acquires DigiCenter to Collect Privacy First Data

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KochabaA real-time data solutions company for omnichannel attribution and measurement, has acquired DigiCenter, a provider of identity and cross-device graph data for marketers, publishers, and ad tech providers. Both companies have been working on privacy-first data promotion projects since 2019.

Through the acquisition Kochaba CollectiveThe world’s largest independent mobile first data marketplace uses Digicenter’s identity data elements to further enhance FreeApp Analytics’ owned data footprint. Leverage the power of Kochava’s IdentityLink solution for cross-device measurement, built-in consent management, data onboarding, and audience enhancement to provide marketers, publishers, and ecosystem providers with complete data.

Kochava Collective is a privacy-first data market with key data points on over 9 billion unique devices around the world, including the largest hashed email files. With the acquisition of DigiCenter, Kochava Collective now has over a billion hashed emails in its substantial device database.

“We worked as a partner last year,” Kochava CEO Charles Manning said in an interview with GamesBeat. “We have the measurement side of the platform business. It’s attribution analysis, fraud, mitigation, data syndication. And we have the data side of the business called Kochava Collective. And that’s what we create it. It has really grown over the last four years. The system uses data from Free App Analytics products, and we commercialize it and cash that data to our corporate customers. “

“But when I started it, I found that customers were very interested in the data and started looking for other types of high quality data, just as they did in reaction analysis. And we started building relationships around a variety of different partnerships, one of which was Dom and his company, DigiCenter, which is the country’s largest hashing for mobile device data providers. It was one of the email addresses that was given. “

Instead of tracking cookies, DigiCenter collects hashed email addresses with your consent. Kochava also focuses on consent-based data collection. With the consent of the user

“This has become so strategic that we agree that it’s a really great opportunity to put it together under one roof and maximize its potential,” Manning said. Stated. “It was really a treatise. We are really happy to work closely with you.”

Consent tracking

Above: DigiCenter and Kochava have great reach.

Image credit: Kochava

DigiCenter needs to retain the data when it obtained the opt-in from the user. For example, when the data came in, when the user responded to the data privacy survey, and so on. The data privacy agreement has a legally binding audit trail for the opt-in language.

“We were lucky enough when we started the company. We could see all of this,” Perfetti said. “When we founded the company in June 2019, we knew these were the problems. We knew this was coming. That is, essentially the approach of preparing for an opt-in-only world. Two years later, if everything is opt-in, you can keep the data in the database, instead of destroying it, as everyone had to do. , Because I’ve been collecting opt-ins for years using audit trails. I’ll do it in Europe. “

Accurate device matching is key to unraveling the mysterious web of cross-device content consumption and expanding digital reach. Kochava deterministically matches an internal hashed email address to a specific Mobile Advertising ID (MAID) and fills the gap by linking the hashed email to a complete person graph. .. Using these elements, marketers and publishers can unleash insights into mobile ad interactions, in-app activity, website visits, and other key touchpoints within a comprehensive, people-based view. I can do it.

“We are excited to see DigiCenter’s powerful database and team become part of Kochava,” Mannings said. “As the adtech ecosystem changes, this acquisition adds a privacy-first, consent-based approach to the data that the ecosystem needs.”

IDFA changes

Apple logo

Above: Apple logo

Image Credit: Apple

Apple has cracked down on privacy issues by making changes to the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) in iOS 14.5. This means that mobile game and app companies can no longer track users for the purpose of sending targeted ads without their consent. Manning finds it great and focuses on allowing users to opt in to tracking, which helps guide the enterprise in the direction of Kochava and DigiCenter. Today, about 45% of all users of Kochaba’s corporate customers are opting in.

“This is Apple’s platform and we can’t get around the rules,” Manning said. “And the big brands we serve, the kind of companies we serve, are interested in compliance.”

Kochava Collective is provided by Kochava’s free measurement product, Free App Analytics, and a selection of premium data partners. Kochava Collective does not contain data from customers of the company’s Kochava measurement platform. Aggregate data is stored independently of the marketer operating system (m / OS), allowing enterprise customers to measure and optimize campaign activity across devices and channels. Collective is all user data privacy and consent rules, including those related to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Apple’s new AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework in iOS 14.5. Manning says it complies with. ..

In an interview, DigiCenter CEO Domenic Perfetti said in an interview that he has worked with Kochava over the past year to provide combined services to clients. This will allow them to work more closely.

The DigiCenter footprint is built into Collective. This includes over 320 million unique people in the United States, 180 million unique households, 1 billion unique emails, and 200 billion ongoing monthly events on Connected TV. Further enhance targeting for (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) campaigns. DigiCenter takes a privacy-first approach in which we notify and agree in advance when collecting data. Data is collected via opt-in along with the events collected and the audit trail of the profile created. The DigiCenter team will join Kochava to put privacy first and pursue a common vision of empowering future data-centric marketers. Perfetti has been appointed as the new General Manager of Kochava Collective.

Kochava has 160 people and DigiCenter has 4 people. But DigiCenter is very important in its role in the ecosystem, Manning said.

“My treatise is that tools like us need a traceability element of consent,” Manning said. “Because we manage from a risk perspective, each of these platforms, and each of these jurisdictions, is not for the weak, and observing the rules is not enough, but large. Organizations, like customers, rely on platform technology and not only make sure they feel compliant, but they actually have a traceable history of consent. I think it will be the trend we see as an industry across a variety of disciplines.


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Kochava Acquires DigiCenter to Collect Privacy First Data Kochava Acquires DigiCenter to Collect Privacy First Data

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