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Kodiak Robotics gets more than tire data from Bridgestone’s partnership

Tiremaker Bridgestone Americas will integrate its smart sensing technology into Kodiak Robotics’ autonomous truck and make a private minority investment in startup software developers.

The partnership announced Wednesday includes the role of observer for a Japan-based company on the San Francisco Bay Area-based Kodiak’s board of directors. Kodiak uses advanced autonomy software monitored by safe drivers to carry cargo on Texas highways.

Paolo Ferrari, Bridgestone’s Global Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: Americas.

“Advances in tire-centric technology are important to further drive mobility innovation while at the same time providing significant sustainability benefits,” Ferrari said.

Third party verification

For Kodiak, the Bridgestone deal is a third-party verification of the technology, said co-founder and CEO Don Burnett.

“What we think this will do shows that Kodiak’s technology really resonates with the rest of the market,” he told Freight Waves.

Bridgestone’s Chief Technology Officer and Group President, Solution Business Nizar Trigi, will be a non-voting observer on Kodiak’s board of directors.

Kodiak is a relatively latecomer to autonomous trucking. But it drives the burden of generating revenue for private customers. Kodiak plans to introduce self-driving trucks in the next few years. This requires full vehicle intelligence to ensure safe, efficient and sustainable autonomy.

Smart tires generate data that enhances safety

Kodiak and Bridgestone will work together to advance self-driving truck technology, from tires and sensors to predictive maintenance.

“Most of us drive with the wheels working,” Burnett said. “When it comes to safety, interaction with the road is very important when using self-driving cars.”

Smart tire technology can collect data and track whether weight is evenly distributed. Non-uniform weight distribution changes the dynamics of the vehicle.

“It changes the way they drive,” Burnett said. “Bridgestone’s tire pressure, temperature and force measurement technology gives us access to that information and gives us information about vehicle dynamics, controllability and maneuverability. Therefore, in vehicle safety. Reliable operation. “

Track to milliseconds

Broadly speaking, tire companies know how to track and aggregate wear data, tire pressure, temperature, GPS, and telematics data to learn how a vehicle will drive over time.

“Autonomous technology is coming with data on how vehicles are driven to milliseconds for all sorts of things, including throttles, steering, forces, and brakes,” says Burnett.

“We have detailed data that we can provide to them so that they can build more detailed and accurate models of tire and system wear in real time.”

Tire wear monitoring is important for fleets who need to balance maintenance and wear and install new, costly tires. Bridgestone and Codiac believe that predictive maintenance can be incorporated. I know that tires deteriorate before they deteriorate.

“If you drive that way, you can maximize your lifespan,” Burnett said. “With this particular run, you can maximize the chances that something bad will not happen.”

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Kodiak Robotics gets more than tire data from Bridgestone’s partnership Kodiak Robotics gets more than tire data from Bridgestone’s partnership

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