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It is my honor and duty to deliver the following news. Kofi Kingston never stops twerking.

Kingston declared in an Instagram video:

@ WWE Universe posted a tweet on Twitter around 8:20 EST on January 4, 2021. This tweet contained a clip of my match at Raw on Monday night. And I decided to read the comments like Mark. And I was very surprised to see many people dissatisfied with Twerking.

Most people were happy now, but there were a few haters who were really angry at what I was tinkering with. And I had to think for myself, and I “you know I’ve done this the same way …” (Towork from March 5, 2014) Insert the clip.)

Let me tell you something about me, man. As long as I have two legs, a set of hips, and a little peach there, I never stop the twist. That’s why I decided to put together a little compilation video for those who don’t like it. I’m sure you will like it too. pleasant. (Naughty laughter.)

Over 2 minutes of twerk clips played and it was great. Includes one of Kingston’s greatest career achievements. Many have played Shawn Michaels against WrestleMania, but only one man can be said to have twisted with Heartbreak Kid.

The video ended with a message:

Twist until your hips fall. Don’t test me …

I’m glad that Kingston will give me a twist as long as I’m physically capable. When you have a gift, it must be shared with the world. Kingston is engaged in humanitarian activities on his twerk.

Don’t worry, you hate it. If you can live long enough, you may still have the last laugh. Everyone knows that it is a scientific fact that an old man loses his butt when it flattens. The day will soon come when Kingston will be free of swaying lumps. I hope that the robot’s wiggle cheeks will never be invented. Otherwise, Kingston will have a miserable life for the rest of the day, with a bionic twist.

Let’s make Twerking live longer!

Where do you stand in the great twerk debate? What is your favorite toework moment from Kingston?

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Kofi Kingston Never Stops Twerking Kofi Kingston Never Stops Twerking

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