Konami eFootball.League2020 / 21 season starts

Konami Announced the 2020-21 season eFootball.League Kicked off at the start of eFootball.Open Split.

eFootball.League Is an esports tournament that welcomes athletes of all skill levels. As with last season, the series is divided into two divisions. eFootball.Pro, Elite competitions dedicated to professional soccer clubs, and eFootball.Open, An amateur tournament that all players can participate in.

Below is a complete list of clubs participating in this season’s eFootball.League.

  • FC Barcelona
  • Manchester United FC
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • Juventus
  • Arsenal FC
  • Celtic FC
  • FC Schalke 04
  • AS Monaco
  • AS roma
  • Galatasaray SK

eFootball.Open – Enter Now!

Last season eFootball.Open It was a huge success with over 1.4 million tournament participants worldwide. Starting today, eFootball PES2021 Season Update (PES 2021) Console or mobile players will be able to participate in online qualifying.

Player on PES 2021 LITE, Newly released, free to play, admission eFootball.OpenSecuring its position as one of the most accessible esports tournaments in the world.

The player with the best results in each round may have a place to move forward and eventually be selected to compete in the World Finals in July 2021.Learn more – link

eFootball.Open Available to all users, it takes place at a specific Matchday event that uses a pre-configured team. You can earn eFootball Points * if you meet the conditions set in each stage of the tournament. This is a new type of currency that can be redeemed for various in-game bonuses such as Iconic Moment Legends.In addition, during the online qualifying round 1 from December 7thth, All users can earn more eFootball points in addition to the usual rewards.

All users logged in to celebrate the beginning of the new season PES 2021 Or PES 2021 LITE Earn 10,000 eFootball points.Earn more points with different engagements eFootball.League Perform activities and exchange them for the Iconic Moment Series player of your choice.

For more information on online 1v1 tournaments, including event schedules, please visit: eFootball.Open Website here – link

eFootball.Pro – Matchday 1 Stream December 12thth

The total number of views on YouTube in the 2019/20 season has exceeded 15 million, eFootball.Pro I’m back in the new season on December 12thth There are professional esports players representing some of the world’s largest football clubs.

As the pandemic continues, the mid-season changes continue. eFootball.Pro Matchdays during the regular 2020/21 season will be played online with 3v3 CO-OP matches. The “MVP” and “Top Goal Scorer” prizes will be awarded to individual players after each match day and additional prizes will be awarded to the club based on the final ranking at the end of the season.

like before, eFootball.Pro The club will be the same as the one introduced in eFootball.Open tournament. Give everyone the opportunity to climb the ladder and consider joining a professional esports team for each club.

Live Streaming Details eFootball.Pro Matchday 1 (MD1) on Saturday, December 12th is as follows:

  • 13:00 (CET) – FC Bayern Munich vs Juventus
  • 13:50 (CET) – Celtic FC vs AS Monaco
  • 14:40 (CET) – Arsenal FC vs FC Schalke 04
  • 15:30 (CET) – Manchester United FC vs Galatasaray SK
  • 16:20 (CET) – FC Barcelona vs AS Rome

Watching MD1’s featured match (FC Bayern Munich vs Juventus) on the campaign’s website gives users the opportunity to earn 300 eFootball points.

For the latest information, eFootball.Pro Website here – link

Like last season, eFootball.League The 2020-21 season began through a partnership with Esports Media Rights. Gerard Piqué, founder of eFootball.Pro and Esports Media Rights, commented:

“”We are very honored to have started a new season for eFootball.Pro. eFootball.Pro is a professional league in which esports players compete on behalf of real European football clubs, with the support of the clubs and three players per club aiming to win. We look forward to seeing exciting games this season that will captivate PES and football fans around the world... “

eFootball PES2021 Season Update Now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC STEAM. This includes backward compatibility on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. PES Global Ambassadors Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford and Alphonso Davies are on the cover of the Standard Edition.

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Konami eFootball.League 2020/21 Season is Open

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