Kong could skip the release of HBO Max unless Godzilla vs. WB pays $ 250 million

Not surprisingly, cinema owners weren’t very happy when they heard it. Warner Bros. plans to release the entire 2021 movie slate on HBO Max The same day they arrived at the theater. For example, a family of three or four may be financially beneficial to many, as it is much better to pay a monthly subscription fee for the platform than to buy multiple tickets, but this decision is often In the industry that caused the turmoil. Many talents associated with projects that are currently heading towards streaming services, not just theater chains.

Legendary Pictures, in particular, was in a fuss and could still file proceedings, given that it was responsible for a significant portion of both financings. Godzilla vs. Kong And Dunes..In fact, they were trying to sell Previous movie on Netflix for $ 250 million WB announced that it would go to HBO Max shortly after it stopped trading.

However, it seems that monster mashups can change course.According to a new report from deadlineIf Warner Bros. doesn’t pay the Legendary $ 250 million, they may not be able to bring it Godzilla vs. Kong To their streaming site.

Apparently the two companies are discussing a new deal Dunes It will be maintained as a traditional theatrical release to “maximize the potential of the franchise.” Also, it is not set to stay with us until October 2021. At that point, life is expected to return to at least some normal sensation.

Godzilla vs. KongOn the other hand, you can drop it in the cinema and wear HBO Max only if Warner Bros. paid Legendary “about $ 250 million or more.” Apparently, the photo is set to hit in May, and the COVID-19 probably still affects things, so the production company is accepting theater / HBO Max models. But only if they get more money to go streaming. This makes sense.

It’s unclear what will happen at this time, but it’s fascinating to see how Warner Bros. works for the New Year. A bold decision will be made.

Kong could skip the release of HBO Max unless Godzilla vs. WB pays $ 250 million

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/godzilla-kong-may-headed-theaters-wb-pays-250-million/ Kong could skip the release of HBO Max unless Godzilla vs. WB pays $ 250 million

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