Korean baseball champion celebrates with a giant lineage sword

The champion of your Korean baseball organization is NC Dinos — that’s how it was named Guild war Publisher NCSoft has set up and owns the team. Today, Dinos celebrated the victory of the 4-2 Korean Series against Doosan Bears with a giant prop sword from NCSoft’s Lineage MMO franchise, allowing only the team to do it.

According to Song Min Kim, a former athletic American sports writer and currently in the front office of KBO’s Lotte Giants, there is an executioner’s sword (집행검). This is basically the most powerful item in the game.

system Debuted in 1998, then Lineage 2 2003. This was NCSoft’s first game, the first blockbuster, and the longest-running game. Therefore, it makes sense that team ownership is celebrated with artifacts from that world. It’s also ashamed of the usual old KBO League trophy. Except for its overall weaknesses:

Actual KBO League trophy = a little sissy.
Photo courtesy of Han Myung-Gu / Getty Images

The KBO League has caught up with baseball fans in this hemisphere, primarily through ESPN, during the spring shutdown of Major League Baseball COVID. North Carolina’s minor league, Durham Bulls, was completely on the sidelines by the virus and hired NC Dinos as a supportive concern (not to mention the team’s first two initials).

NC Dinos is the second newest team in the KBO League and was chartered shortly after the cities of Changwon, Masan and Jinhae merged into a municipality large enough to host such a franchise. Dinos joined the KBO League in 2013 and this is their first championship.

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