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Carolina Hurricanes caused some exciting off-season dramas when it chose to sign the offer sheet for Yesperico Tokaniemi in late August.

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The Montreal Canadiens were forced to decide whether to match a one-year $ 6.1 million contract or let him walk. Eventually they chose to walk him, and the hurricane brass said it wasn’t entirely about revenge, but that certainly seems to be the case.

For those who don’t know, revenge is due to the fact that the Canadians signed a hurricane to transfer Sebastian Aho to the offer sheet two years ago, but the wand came to match. It was no coincidence that when Carolina signed Kotokaniemi on the offer sheet, it happened to include a $ 20 bonus, the number that the idiot was wearing.

Everyone had time to digest the situation, so on Friday the idiot was asked about the whole trial.

“Honestly, it’s pretty interesting to see a $ 20 contract,” said Aho. “Joke aside, I have a pretty good player.

Sebastian Ahojesperikoto Kaniemi NHL

“It made people talk. I think it would be good. It will be fun to play them next year,” he continued. “It’s part of the business. Social media is huge these days. You don’t have to play games and it’s already talked about.”

A 24-year-old woman from Finland, like Kotokaniemi, said the two have been in contact since the offer sheet was first signed. Obviously, he believes this move will benefit the hurricane, and he may be right. Kotokaniemi managed only 5 goals and 20 points in 56 games last season, but has occasionally shown his potential throughout his 171-game career and is only 21 years old. It’s clear that he has a wealth of skills, as evidenced by his overall third place in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.

Hurricane, who has been a very strong team in the last few seasons, is aiming to build from the 2020-21 season, which finished third in the NHL ranking with a great record of 36-12-8. No one should be surprised to see the league top again in 2021-22.

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Kotokaniemi Offer Sheet Stupid: “It was pretty interesting” Kotokaniemi Offer Sheet Stupid: “It was pretty interesting”

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