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Kroger employees are surrounded by food at work, but many have a hard time buying food and rent, a survey of 10,200 workers said.

According to a new study on Kroger, many supermarket workers struggle to put food on the table, even though they support food supply to the community.

Employees released due to the continued pandemic are revealing and exacerbating the economic and health challenges of key workers.

Approximately 78% of workers in eight Kroger-owned grocery chains, including King Soopers, Ralphs, Food 4 Less, and City Market, say food security is “low” or “very low.” Report From the Los Angeles-based non-profit research group Economic Roundtable and Occidental College.

“Food surrounds Kroger’s grocery workers every hour at work,” the report said. “These workers can’t afford a balanced and healthy food.”

“By the end of the month, they run out of food, skip food, and sometimes get hungry,” the researchers write. “People with children report being hungry to provide them with food and other necessities.”

“”“By the end of the month, they run out of food, skip meals, and sometimes get hungry. People with children report that they are hungry to provide their children with food and other necessities.

— Economic Roundtable Report

Researchers received complete responses from more than 10,200 Kroger workers in the Puget Sound region of Washington, Colorado, and Southern California. They were investigated at the request of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

Forty-four percent of respondents said they couldn’t afford the rent, 36% were worried about peasants, and 14% had experienced or experienced homelessness in the past year. Nine out of ten workers said the increase in food and rent outweighed the increase in wages, and 67% said they did not make enough money to cover their basic monthly costs.

At work, two-thirds of respondents say they’re dealing with pandemic-related customer issues, one-quarter say they’re dealing with customers who threaten violence, and nearly six out of ten say they’re dealing with them. Reported that the work schedule was changed at least once a week, causing damage to some workers. With young children.

The report arrived at Kroger’s King Supers store as 8,400 members. Strike in Denver This week we sought a new contract to ensure better compensation and a safer workplace. Kroger, as part of it, Called a strike “Reckless and self-serving.”

“”“The implications of the economic roundtable that companies in the Kroger family do not care about the well-being of our peers and their families are clearly not true.”

— Tim Massa, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer of Kroger

Kroger did not respond to MarketWatch’s request for comment on the analysis and strikes of the economic roundtable, but the company called the findings of the report released Wednesday “misleading.” Unique analysisLet’s see how about 85,000 hourly workers in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington are compensated.

According to a report commissioned by Kroger, these hourly workers receive higher wages and benefits than the retail industry as a whole (an average of $ 18.27 per hour and $ 5.61 per hour of medical and severance pay). The company provided both financial and non-financial assistance to workers and their families. We have also invested money and implemented policy changes to ensure worker safety during a pandemic.

Tim Massa, Kroger’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, said: Said in a statement.. “I’m disappointed that the UFCW chose to put together such misleading and untrue reports, which I believe UFCW no longer truly has the best interests of our employees. I am.

The UFCW report makes some recommendations to improve workers’ well-being, including raising the minimum wage to $ 45,760 a year, providing housing and childcare subsidies, and discounting employees’ groceries by 50%. I did it.

Report In May last year, Kroger’s CEO noted that he received $ 22 million in compensation in 2020, despite the phased abolition of dangerous wages to workers early in the pandemic. A spokesperson at the time told Bloomberg that “Kroger continues to reward and acknowledge our peers for their wonderful work during this historic period,” and was vaccinated with COVID-19. He said he was offering $ 100 to workers.

Kroger, like many large companies, raised wages during a pandemic, Brookings Institution Analysis What was released in December claimed that the surge in inflation had wiped out at least some of the workers’ interests. Researchers analyzed the hourly wages of 13 major American companies and confirmed the data directly to the companies.

For example, Kroger raised the average hourly wage from $ 15 in January 2020 to $ 16.25 in October 2021. This is a nominal 8% increase, equivalent to an inflation-adjusted 1% increase.

Kroger employees are surrounded by food at work, but many have a hard time buying food and rent, a survey of 10,200 workers said. Kroger employees are surrounded by food at work, but many have a hard time buying food and rent, a survey of 10,200 workers said.

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