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Dakar’s first run in Saudi Arabia last year was the first time KTM had been defeated in the motorcycle division since 2000. Honda’s Ricky Bravetz’s victory ended Mattichhofen’s 18th straight win.

However, Viladoms believes that such a large-scale success has the effect of making KTM’s success visible to outsiders, and what he says is no longer true.

“After losing a streak, it was positive in my outlook,” Viladoms told “When we win again, it will be more appreciated.

“It was [winning] It was easy, it was never easy. They have always been very difficult for us, and at the end of last year they were successful. It was a motivational injection. This definitely strengthened us. “

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KTM heads to the 2021 edition of Dakar with the familiar main factory lineup of the event’s past three winners, Toby Price, Mathias Walkner and Sam Sunderland.

Toby Price, Sam Sunderland, Matthias Walker, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

Photo: KTM Images

Meanwhile, Luciano Benavidez moved to his sister Marche Huskbana, and Pablo Quintanilla and Yamaha converted Xavier de Soultrait as a team.

Price, Walker and Sunderland will be supported by Australian rookie Daniel Thunders on a factory team. Daniel Sanders made his KTM debut at the Andalusia Rally Warm-up event in October and won the stage to 11th overall.

Price, who won the Dakar twice, was KTM’s highest-ranked fourth place in Andalusia and was shy for 12 minutes to event winner Honda Kevin Benavides.

Viladoms believes Honda’s current champion Brabeck will be in the 2021 edition as a rider, even though the Americans have only finished 14th in Andalusia.

“The team is doing very well and we are very happy with the different profiles of riders of different qualities,” said Villadoms. “In the last training session, we spent a lot of effort tuning and navigating the bike and ran for days in the desert.

“In the end, given the situation, at least they arrive in good shape. Other teams are doing a lot of work and we continue to put pressure on each other.

“It’s clear that the winning rider is Ricky Brabets. He proved he can do very well last year and has the most chance. They won last year. They are helpful. Trophy You need to win. Stay away from them. “

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KTM says future wins are now “more valuable” KTM says future wins are now “more valuable”

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