Kung Fu Series Premier Review: “Pilot”

After an episode, CW’s Kung Fu, which has little in common with the David Carradine series of the ’70s, is a very fascinating and dynamic entry into the network’s ongoing beautiful people adventure. Certainly, kung fu is full of love triangles. You’ll come to expect CW pilots (potential love triangles, very young people who are experts in their crime-solving field, etc.), but it’s also very positive. The first episode neatly and quickly introduces wild assumptions, fun ensembles, and comprehensive mysteries. This is certainly a series built to have legs, even though its core character does not embark on a long nationwide quest like the old kung fu show.

Created by Christina M. Kim (Lost), Kung Fu will star Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen. Nicky Shen is a young woman who literally abandons American life and joins Shaolin Temple for all women in China. Weighted for years by pressure from her mother (Ken Hua Tan), Nicky ghosted her entire family, studying her mentor, Peyrin (Vanessa Kai) and Kung Fu, unknowingly. Entered the realm of ancient prophecies, superhero style of mysterious powers, and ruthless enemies.

One of the show’s strengths is the fusion of two worlds, a fantastic world and a normal world, when Nicky finally returns to San Francisco, bringing a story of a dangerous background full of magical weapons and secret societies. is. And yes, she’s the “chosen” version of this show.

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Liang is soon loved as Nicky. Kung fu isn’t exactly heavy for jokes and easy moments, but she can make it all feel less. From the choice of Nicky to flee the family to the fierce ambush to her monastery that plunges Nicky’s reconciliation with everyone who has hurt her mentor, we ask to absorb much just outside the gate. Has been done. Fortunately, Liang can always eradicate absurdity while continuing to invest us emotionally in Nicky’s plight.

The fact that Nicky is very skilled in fighting and trampling his enemies after only three years of research can be a little distracting at first.Fortunately, the episode offers us out and how others will eventually comment, so a larger mysterious seed will be planted. Superman Nicky seems to be when she unleashes her skills.

The enemies in this first episode are of little concern (the main boss can’t even actually speak). The intent is to set the stage and establish Nicky and her family as a type of crime eradication team. Fight the triad. And doing so will allow Nicky to embark on a journey into a “secretly special” territory. This is a true blueprint for most fantasy adventures.

The cast concludes with Nicky’s father (Tzi Ma), sister (Shannon Dang), brother (Jon Prasida), and ex (Gavin Stenhouse). Oh, and Eddie Liu’s folklore, a new potential romance in the form of an ass-kicking Henry. They all surround Nicky with a variety of skills such as forensic science, medicine, and computers. But the most interesting thing here is that they all have a very different relationship with Nicky and need to be investigated separately. It’s a solid start to the show, hopefully with some real tricks on its sleeves as it moves forward.

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