Kurita Dell Launch Trailer-Nintendo Everything

Publisher Nicalis and developer Pixelian Studio Critadel, A futuristic platformer / shooting game. The game is available for purchase on Switch today.

Learn more about Critadel in the overview below.

Critadel is a futuristic platformer / shooter / roguelike game where players run, jump and blow up the complex paths and secret rooms of a huge mechanical tower. The 360 ​​° aiming cursor allows ranged attacks in all directions. Enemies include the deadly bosses and minions of the “Knights of Noah”, an evil faction that seeks to regain control of the tower and regain ancient knowledge that can give it eternal life.

Critadel, a hardcore action game with GBA-inspired graphics and a thrilling techno soundtrack, has been developed for five years under the tentative title Babel. With three upgradeable characters, hundreds of continuously reconstructed branch paths, and a composition of over 100,000 possible weapons and items, you’ll have a unique experience every time you play.

Main functions

• Three different playable characters (Fearless Fighter Nox, Mysterious Cult Player Ahnushu, Combat android Alice), each with its own starting weapon / item, upgradeable abilities, and unlockable outfits
• Use the 360 ​​° aiming cursor to blow up enemies in any direction
• Invincible restricted evasion roll operation to evade attacks
• Powerful weapons that can be randomly purchased or found in the tower
• Collectable artifacts that give passive bonuses when equipped
• Two types of in-game currency: Crystal (located throughout the tower) and Orb (obtained by defeating the boss)
• In addition to the two difficulty modes, the boss rush mode for playing boss rush

Today’s Critadel launch trailer can be found below.

Critadel is sold digitally for Switch through the e-shop.

Kurita Dell Launch Trailer-Nintendo Everything

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