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Kurt Angle, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, has recently made a number of comments about Chris Benoit.Ingres talked many times about one of his biggest rivals during his latest edition. Kurt angle show A podcast centered around WrestleMania 17. Angle shared his memories of working with Benoit and was ranked “The Rabid Wolverine” on his personal list of the most trusted wrestlers. Former King of the Ring said:

“Number one. Yes. He’s better than anyone. As a technician, wrestler and performer, Chris Benoit is at the top when talking about playing in the ring. He’s always number one on the charts. I’ve never faced such an intense, technically sound and explosive man in my life. He’s arguably the best in-ring performer I’ve ever attended in the ring. “

The Olympic gold medalist continued to talk about the match against Benoit and explained why he enjoyed the match against Chris. The “wrestling machine”, and the first ever Euro Continental champion, explained:

“No. There were no drawbacks (of wrestling Benoit). I knew you would be really tired. He is running at 120mph. He is a strong individual. He is very similar to me. Every time I wrestle with Chris Benoit, I wrestle with myself. We also raised the ante. It was an inner joke to see who would get tired first as we tried to blow each other up. But neither was tired. “

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(Transcribed by H / T and S / K Wrestling)

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Kurt Angle shares memories of work with Chris Benoit Kurt Angle shares memories of work with Chris Benoit

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