KUWTK: How can Kanye West regain Kim Kardashian?

Fans feel that Kanye’s attempt to regain Kim Kardashian is going in the wrong direction. If he can admit his misconduct, they may hurt the settlement.

Kanye West is making A bold attempt to regain Kim Kardashian In his ongoing divorce from Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Alum. But when it comes to Kim’s reaction to Kanye, his progress seems unheard of. While she’s publicly dating comedian Pete Davidson, fans are looking at ways Kanye can get Kim to change her mind. Audiences think that if Kanye just changed his approach, Kim might reconsider withdrawing her divorce petition.

Kim is fully aware that she is moving from Kanye. Last month she started her first public romance with someone else since she applied for a divorce in February. Kanye has been seen on two different models since the split, but Pete is the first man Kim publicly dated. For the past few weeks Kim and Pete showed a PDA While taking pictures together. In the process, Kanye is making his attempt to bring Kim back to the public. He recently released two video messages professing his love for Kim and his desire to regain his marriage.

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But onlookers think Kanye is all going in the wrong direction about it. Some fans think that pages should be taken out of Jay-Z’s book and admit his mistakes only after having Kim first talk about her peace. “If Kanye really wants to get Kim back, he needs to publicly apologize for his failure and talk about how he grew up as a person.” Reddit user u / the_skintellectual Said in a thread.they Kim and Kanye Divorce has not been confirmed, Kanye “There may still be a chance,“In regaining Kim. They blew up Kanye because they continued to hold the media and Kim’s team accountable for the divorce and couldn’t even admit his own misconduct. Critics say Kanye is about to come. I don’t think I’ll take it “All responsibility” Hello”Narcissist.. “

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West catch up with the Kardashian family's turmoil

According to sources, Kim is not interested in reconciling with Kanye. She only wants them to maintain peaceful co-parenting relationships and friendships for their children. Kanye still leads Kim’s business movements and she respects his guidance.But when it becomes romantic Thoughts on the ship’s Kanye It may have set sail. Kim and Pete held hands and were photographed smiling and laughing at each other.Pete has been spending more time in Los Angeles with the founder of SKIMS

If Kanye gave Kim the time and space he needed to date others and find his happiness outside him, she could have decided that he wanted to get him back. But he publicly talks about their divorce and blaming the people in her circle may only keep Kim further away. The pair spent months living separately before Kim’s divorce notice.Kanye spent enough time to get things right Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Star. But instead, he waited until she finally decided to go with someone else. Kim seems more interested in dating Pete Rather than returning with Kanye, at least the founders of Yeezy tried.

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sauce: u / the_skintellectual/ Reddit

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KUWTK: How can Kanye West regain Kim Kardashian?

https://screenrant.com/kanye-west-win-kim-kardashian-back-admit-faults/ KUWTK: How can Kanye West regain Kim Kardashian?

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